Eat here: Miss Chu, Melbourne (Vietnamese)

Miss Chu, Melbourne.

I have my baby sister to thank for this one – she first took me to Miss Chu in November last year, for my birthday.

For those of you not familiar with this gorgeous little place, Miss Chu bangs out some incredible Vietnamese food, with a bit more spunk than your standard Vietnamese establishment, and a hipster vibe to boot.

Melbourne has two locations to choose from – CBD and South Yarra. We chose the South Yarra one in November, and again last week when I took husband to give it a try.

They’re self-touted as a “tuck shop” on their website, and that hits you as soon as you walk in; the front counter really looks like a little school tuck shop window (albeit a hell of a lot cooler), and walking around the corner leads to little tables lit by globes nestled in upside-down china.

So, the food. You sit down to 2 notepads, one for food, the other for drinks. It’s no-nonsense – select what you want from the list and write a little number in the box next to it to indicate how many servings you want. A lovely waitress picks it up, runs through it with you to make sure you’re happy with your selections, and dead-set, 5 minutes later, the first plate was being laid on our table. Granted, we were there at 12pm Sunday – we were pretty glad then we beat the lunch rush that started to build up by the end of our meal!



Let’s be honest, we went a little nuts for husband’s first time. We got:
1. Peking duck pancakes (yes, yes, dear God, yes!!!)
2. BBQ pork buns (this is favourite of ours and these didn’t disappoint – soft and fluffy and full of pork!)
3. Shanghai pork dumplings (these were the highlight of the meal – they were absolutely perfect. Honestly some of the best dumplings I’ve ever eaten, and I’ve eaten a LOT of dumplings!!)
4. Traditional Hanoi seafood spring rolls (veryyyyy seafoody… Too much so, really overpoweringly fishy, wouldn’t order again)
5. Omelet, avocado & caramelised onion rice paper rolls (these were seriously amazing, highly recommended)
6. Tiger prawn & green mango rice paper rolls (nice, not incredible, wouldn’t order again)

And for drinks, I went with the absolutely top notch coconut water, cucumber and lychee slushy thing (dead-set the best thing served in a cup), and husband got the coconut water, pineapple and mint. That was pretty good too.

Overall, delicious food, but pretty expensive at over $60.00 for all of that. Great for a special occasion, but I don’t think we can afford regular trips!!

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