Eat here: Rockwell and Sons, Melbourne (American)

Rockwell and Sons, Melbourne

You know the age old “what would eat for the rest of your life of you could only choose one thing?” question? Yeah, burgers for me, thanks.

I’m not a fancy diner, nor am I a particularly lady-like one when there are burgers involved. You know it’s business time when I’m pushing up my sleeves and tying my hair back so it doesn’t fall into the sauce.

Personally, I’m loving this whole American food kick Melbourne is on at the moment – every second place opening up seems to be USA-style, from burgers to dogs, po boys to subs, and I’m very ok with that! I love it all (except pickles. Not into pickles)!

I emailed husband at work 2 weeks ago and suggested a Friday night post-work burger & beer (well, beer for him, cider for me); he was keen. Sadly, upon arrival at Rockwell & Sons, we found it wouldn’t be opening for another 40 minutes. We were in a rush, so we ate elsewhere that night, but we returned the following week to give it a whirl.

We each got a double patty smash burger with Kraft cheese singles & special sauce on a toasty brioche bun, with a side of fries.

First off, let me say, top notch fries! It’s always a risk that they’re just not going to be quite crunchy enough, that there might be too many soggy ones and not enough seasoning. These were perfect, and the malt vinegar aioli was finished very quickly. I may have wiped up the remnants with my finger and licked it off. No shame, it was that good.

As for the burgers… Now, when I say I’ve eaten a freakin truck load of burgers in my time, I cannot even begin to tell you how many that truly is. It’s been my favourite meal since day dot, and I’ve taken great pleasure over the years in eating as many as my 5’7 frame can possibly fit.

Rockwell’s burger would have to be a top 3 ever burger contender.



Bun – perfect, buttery, toasty enough to hold it all it sans sog, soft enough to melt on your mouth.
Special sauce – really f#^$@ng special. Really.
Kraft cheese – historically my cheese of choice on home made burgers. Couldn’t have been happier!
Patties – this smashed patty business is something else (google it – I had to!). Crispy and crunchy on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside, perfectly seasoned for my liking.

At only $11 for a burger, we were absolutely stoked with dinner, and kinda just wanted to go home for a nap and then go back for another one.

Also, special mention to the staff, particularly the guy who looked after us, who came back to check in on us twice to make sure everything was hunky dory. You guys make a huge difference to the dining public and don’t get enough kudos, so thank you!

We will without a doubt be going back. Oh my, we WILL be back…

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