Eat here: American food crawl in Fitzroy, Melbourne

Melbourne is going through an American food epidemic at the moment – there have been new places popping up all over the place lately. Hot dogs, burgers, diners, it’s all here! And, unlike some of the stuff in the past, this time it’s really good! With a lazy weekend ahead and given that we’ve just booked a six week trip around the USA, husband and I thought we’d spend an afternoon walking around Fitzroy while taking stops to eat our way around some of the best of what was on offer! Here’s what we went with…


Stop #1: the Chicago Dog (frank, tomato, pickles, relish, mustard & celery salt) from Phat Brats on Brunswick St, Fitzroy.

We’d eaten here before, and our dogs were good without being amazing, but we thought we’d give them another try. This time, we had a frank instead of a “hot dog,” so it had a nice snap in the casing when you bit into it. Was a top notch dog!

Photograph © Jess Carey 2014

Phat Brats on Urbanspoon
Stop #2: the pulled pork po’ boy (pulled pork, house made BBQ sauce and Cajun slaw) from Po’ Boy Quarter on Smith St, Fitzroy.

Love this place! Small, concise menu with damn good po’ boys! My favourite is the pulled pork – it’s so soft and juicy and perfectly sauced! The fried mac & cheese bites are really nice too.

Photograph © Jess Carey 2014

Po' Boy Quarter on Urbanspoon
Stop #3: the fried chicken and pulled pork sliders from Belle’s Night Lunch Diner on Gertrude St, Fitzroy.

This is one of the newer kids on the block, and the food is soooooooo good!! Pulled pork is so soft and tender, the slaw balances it out perfectly, and the chipotle is out of this world! The fried chicken is hands down the best I’ve ever had – it’s crispy on the outside, and sooo juicy and soft on the inside. Also comes with a pile of slaw which is super tasty on it’s own!

Photograph © Jess Carey 2014


Photograph © Jess Carey 2014

Belle's Night Lunch Diner on Urbanspoon
Stop #4: the Number Two gelato (peanut butter gelato with chocolate brownie pieces and dulce de leche swirl) from Gelato Messina on Smith St, Fitzroy.

This place is a Sydney import, and no, it isn’t American. But for dessert, there isn’t much more American to me than the combination of chocolate and peanut butter. These guys consistently turn out the best ice cream I’ve had (and trust me, I’ve had a lot!), and I love their ever changing special menu. The Number Two was a special, so I sadly don’t think I’ll see it again, but I’ll always have the memory… silky smooth peanut butter gelato with big chunks of legit chocolate brownie (like, not store bought crap, but actual, chewy, baked brownie!) and an amazing dulce de leche/caramel swirl… this place never disappoints, regardless of what’s on the menu!

Photograph © Jess Carey 2014

Gelato Messina Fitzroy on Urbanspoon



Special mentions also have to go to the Rockwell & Sons‘ double patty smash burger which I reviewed earlier here (best double cheeseburger I’ve ever had) and Huxtaburger’s name sake, the Huxtaburger (sweet, toasted brioche with a damn tasty patty)

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