Read this: Wanderlust by Elisabeth Eaves

Wanderlust: A Love Affair with Five Continents
by Elisabeth Eaves

I recently finished reading this book, which really didn’t take me very long – it had me totally caught up from start to finish. It’s Elisabeth’s story of her life on the road, how her wanderlust developed, and where it took her, as well as the love and heartbreak she experienced on the way. It chronicles her travels from the craziness of Cairo to the jungles of Papua New Guinea, going back home to Canada and travelling to Australia, and just about everything in between!

It gave a really honest look into the wanderings and musings of a truly free spirit, and it certainly awakened something in me that made me question what I was doing with my life – why, when I know there’s more out there, do I limit myself to easily achievable goals? Why am I so scared that something will go wrong, and it if does, what’s the worst than can happen? These sort of questions are the ones Elisabeth answers for herself, and there’s some really though-provoking stuff in there that’ll hopefully be a catalyst for change for you as it was for me.


You can get your own copy here – enjoy the read  : )


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