Eat here: Fauchon, Paris, France

Fauchon, Paris


Once you know about this place, their little hot pink chocolate tins because completely unmistakable, as will your cravings for their deliciousness!

I actually was first told of Fauchon, a gourmet food company of the highest order, who produce incredible chocolate, macarons, cakes, breads, deli goods and what not, by a client of mine while working as a travel consultant. Booking her umpteenth trip to Paris, I mentioned that I was finally due to go. She said one word: “Fauchon.” Sorry? She said I had to go there, especially given what a mad chocoholic I am. She told me all about it, recommended a tin of chocolates, some cakes, and whatever else my stomach could fit. I wrote it in my things-to-do-while-I’m-travelling notebook, and carried on with her booking…


A few months later, there I was in Paris. And I did make my way to Fauchon. A few times. I got my hot pink tin of chocolates (delicious, and I still have the little tin!), then the next day went back for a feast of more majestic proportions. Husband and I decided that, after seeing other people looking to be enjoying themselves doing the same, that we should buy a bag full of food and have a picnic in the park, under the Eiffel Tower. We emerged from Fauchon with a bread stick the size of a small baby giraffe, freshly sliced cheese and cold meats, and some cake. We took the train back to our hotel where we cut the breadstick in half and stuffed in the prosciutto and cheese, wrapped it up and popped in back in the big brown paper bag, along with the cakes and some wine (we’d seen stacks of people pouring their own drinks in the park the night before and thought we’d do the same over lunch, only to get there and discover that it’s actually illegal… not that that seemed to stop anyone…), and walked off to find our picnic spot.

If you’re in Paris, I highly recommend giving this a go – pack your own picnic lunch and find a beautiful spot to eat it. It’s so much fun and so relaxing, and really allows some great people watching with some incredible food with a spectacular view that you won’t have paid an arm and a leg for! I would also highly recommend some Fauchon cakes to have for dessert… I mean, seriously… wow!!

Photograph © Jess Carey 2014


Photograph © Jess Carey 2014


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