Eat here: Momoco Sushi San, Melbourne

Momoco Sushi San, Heidelberg, Melbourne


I’m a huge sushi fan, but really good sushi that doesn’t require you to re-mortgage your house is a rare and elusive gem in any city. When my baby sister discovered this place, I was hesitant – could it really be that good if it was also that cheap? One way to find out!

Turns out, yes, yes it was that good. Incredible, actually probably the best sushi I’ve had in Melbourne. I think this is owing to the fact that it’s all made to order, and abiding by their mission statement of using only top quality ingredients and organic goods, both imported from Japan and sourced locally is Australia. Their growing popularity is also reflected in the fact that they also now have three locations to chose from, maintaining quality and consistency across the board.


My picks? The hands down winner has to be the meiji rolls: fresh mango, roast duck, avocado and mayo sushi hand rolls, wrapped in super thin omelette. This is absolutely incredible, and at $12.50 for 8 pieces, this would fill up one person pretty decently!

Photograph © Jess Carey 2014


But, I wasn’t dining alone, so cue plate two of giant sushi: the super delicious and vegetarian futomaki, at $11.00 for 8 pieces. This might not sound amazing to you, but the pieces were half the size of the palm of my hand, which is freaking massive! They were a delicious option, light and tasty, and would definitely order again.


Photograph © Jess Carey 2014


So basically, what you need to know is this: amazing sushi, ridiculously fresh, absurdly well priced, great service, happy belly. Off you go then!


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