Eat here: Rice Queen, Melbourne (Asian)

Rice Queen, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Photograph © Jess Carey 2014

After living on Smith Street for quite some time, late 2012 saw Rice Queen relocate to Brunswick Street, in a pretty big space that fills up pretty quickly for a weekend dinner. It’s a cute, kitschy, Asian-diner-with-a-DJ-booth-and-karaoke-room type of set up, serving up an array of food from every corner of Asia.

I’ve eaten here before, for lunch, and found the food to all be crazy spicy, which I didn’t enjoy much. I’m pretty crap with spicy food, and unfortunately you’re not really given much of a choice or opportunity to tone it down to a milder, more manageable level. But this visit was for one thing and one thing only: dessert!

It was my little sister and best friend’s birthday, and we had a bit of a trawl and eat around the Fitzroy/Collingwood area to celebrate the occasion (she, too, is a foodie – you can find her here on Tumblr!) As she’s gluten intolerant, we thought this dessert menu would be a pretty good one to sample from – we ordered a serve of the pannacotta and a serve of the black sticky rice to share between us.

Photograph © Jess Carey 2014

Silky smooth and deliciously coconutty without being overpowering, but the really special stuff was the berry compote. Dunno what it was, but my God it was amazing!

Photograph © Jess Carey 2014

The sticky rice may not have looked particularly appetising, but it was the standout for both of us. It was warm and creamy and sticky and full of coconut. The sorbet was creamy, not icy, as sorbet can sometimes be. The pandan flavour was so unique and delicious.

Great dessert, will happily head back in for a sweet bite. It’s a cute space with gorgeous decor and a chilled out atmosphere, a little overpriced in my opinion and the service leaves a bit to be desired, but the food is pretty good. Worth a try!
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4 thoughts on “Eat here: Rice Queen, Melbourne (Asian)

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  2. Have you tried Spring St Grocer’s gelato? They have normal cream based gelato or non dairy one that is coconut based and there’s this amazing pandan coconut one. The best gelato flavour I reckon is the one normal pistachio one! hehe

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