Eat here: Fonda Mexican, Melbourne

Fonda Mexican, Melbourne CBD

Photograph © Jess Carey 2014

Long, exhausting week at work, and a busy weekend ahead. What else is there to do on a Friday afternoon but call your two best friends and head out for some tacos and tequila?!

Fonda Mexican, notorious for delicious Mexican food and a “no bookings” policy, has enjoyed enough popularity to warrant another two locations in addition to its original home in Richmond – we decided that, given we all live and/or work in the CBD, we should try the relatively new Flinders Lane location.

We arrived pretty early, around 5.15pm on Friday night, which meant we didn’t have to deal with the lines out the door this place usually attracts. I asked the waitress how recently it had opened, because it all looked so new and shiny – around 6 weeks ago, and with no advertising or fanfare. Apparently that made absolutely no difference – 2 hours later, the place was absolutely packed, and with the customary line out the door. When you achieve cult status for food in Melbourne, you don’t need to advertise. The hipster crowd will sniff you out and they will come!


We ordered a bowl of tortilla crisps with smokey salsa and guacamole to start ($7.00).

Photograph © Jess Carey 2014

They were such a great starter – crisp and crunchy and absolutely delicious! The salsa and guacamole were really nice too – you could really taste the smokey flavour in the salsa, it was really different, but surprisingly pleasant.


We all got different mains – I had the pulled pork, chipotle, orange and cheese quesadillas ($14.00)

Photograph © Jess Carey 2014

This was fantastic – the pulled pork was soft and the chipotle was delicious! Loved the melted cheese and smokey, crisp tortilla too. They were pretty thick, packed little wedges too – nothing more disappointing than a flat, thin, stingy quesadilla!


We also ordered a cocktail jug ($35.00) – pineapple, ginger, mint and tequila. This was a huge wow for all three of us. Wouldn’t have thought the ginger would work in a cocktail, but my goodness it was perfect!

Photograph © Jess Carey 2014

All in all, the atmosphere was fantastic, the service was super friendly and efficient (particularly for a busy, Friday night), but it was, in my opinion, very over priced. I mean, $7.00 for a handful of tortilla crisps and salsa? $35.00 for a jug we only got 5 little glasses out of? Don’t get me wrong, it was good, but not that good. I’ve been wanting to try Fonda out for a while, and really, it didn’t disappoint; the food was fantastic, and it was absolutely worth a try – the food and the experience are brilliant and will not disappoint! But, being a little more budget conscious (as you are when all of your spare dollars go towards your travel fund!), I also know I can get a lot of other equally amazing plates of food in Melbourne for a fraction of the price!


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