Eat here: Noi Pizzeria, Maha & Lindt Cafe

Time for a quick round up of this weeks best eats…

Noi Pizzeria (Italian), Preston

The lovely Michele & Elena, formerly of Pizzeria Amici, are running this hidden little gem out in the northern suburbs. It is genuine, authentic, perfect Italian pizza – this crust, wood fire oven baked, topped with a few simple but quality ingredients.

I had the San Daniele pizza (San Daniele prosciutto, Parmesan cheese and rocket) which was absolutely magnificent. Although a little steep at $22.00 (it was a medium sized pizza at best), it was worth the money. One of the best pizza bases going around, the base is slightly crispy from the wood fire oven bake, and the dough and crust are pillowy and soft.


Also shared the Nutella & strawberry pizza for dessert with a friend – we’re chocoholics so our only criticism was not enough Nutella, but other than that it was the perfect end to dinner. If you don’t like in the northern burbs it might be a bit of a hike, but it’s worth it – just make a reservation!

Noi Pizzeria on Urbanspoon


Maha (Middle Eastern), Melbourne CBD

Shane Delia’s Maha has been a Melbourne stalwart for a while now, bolstered by guest appearances on MasterChef and his own TV show. What I didn’t realise, despite the fact that I work within a stones throw from the place, is that they don’t just do fancy, book-a-month-in-advance cuisine – they do a mean burger at the bar, too. The burger changes from month to month; I had their Brazilian World Cup burger. Pork & chorizo patty with Swiss cheese, avocado, corn & ancho chilli mayo. Pretty delicious, unfortunately the patty was just a little bit too high, which meant that it kept threatening to slip out of the bun (which got quite soggy quite quickly, a real shame). Tasted fantastic though!

Maha Restaurant on Urbanspoon


Lindt Cafe, Melbourne CBD

Not much that needs to be said about this one really – everyone knows their chocolate is unreal. My lovely friend and work colleague organised a tea for 2 session in our lunch break and here’s what we got – needless to say, it was all delicious!

Lindt Chocolate Café on Urbanspoon

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