Cook this: Middle Eastern lamb burger


There’s not much I’m especially good at, but I know good food. More specifically, I know a good burger. I should, I’ve certainly eaten enough of them. As you may notice from my past posts (Rockwell & Sons, Beatbox, Huxtaburger, Brother Burger, Chew, Perkup, Maha), the burger is my favourite of all meals.

On a recent visit to Cedars Bakery, I started thinking that some of the flavours floating around in there could make a pretty good burger. So I have it a try. And it was pretty damn good.

To make 2 burgers, you’ll need:
– 2 Turkish bread rolls
– 400g lamb mince
– 3 heaped tbsp za’atar (I use Cedar Bakery’s special thyme blend)
– 2 heaped tbsp hommus
– small block of haloumi cheese, slices into strips
– small handful of baby spinach

And now:
1. Mash the lamb mince and 1 heaped tbsp of the za’atar with your hands and shape them into patties to fit your rolls.
2. Cook the patties on a pre-heated BBQ grill or hot plate on the stove, for approximately 10min or to your preference, then set aside to rest for a few minutes.
3. While the patties are cooking, toast the bread under a grill and brown the haloumi on a non stick fry pan on high heat.
4. Once the bread is toasted, spray the bottom pieces with cooking oil and spread the remaining za’atar over them. Place those pieces back under the grill for a minute or two.
5. To assemble the burger, spread the hummus on the top of the bun, place the baby spinach on the bottom of the bun over the za’atar. Layer on top of the spinach the lamb patty, then the haloumi, and top with the other half of the bun.


Super easy to put together, but insanely delicious and a really nice break from the standard beef and cheeseburger. The lamb (granted, was great, market quality meat) and za’atar gave it that distinctly Middle Eastern flavour, and the salty, melted haloumi was a really tasty kick. I could count on one hand the times I’ve ever uttered this phrase, but I was really bloody proud of myself for this effort! Now, someone PLEASE give me a food truck and let me lose in Melbourne!!!!


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