Through my eyes: street food of Thailand

I know a lot of people are super wary when they travel around South East Asia, and a lot of the time, I agree with their sentiments. I stick with bottled water (stay away from tap water!) and make sure I have the correct vaccinations as recommended by my doctor before I go. But the people who avoid street food are missing out on what is fundamentally the most authentic experience while travelling, particularly in Asia.

The culture there is one of street food. People gather by the roadside to hang out with family and friends, and to eat. It’s time to relax, to chat, to catch up, to unwind and enjoy themselves. If you’re not immersing yourself in that while you’re over there, you’re probably more comfortable in the “tourist” camp than the “traveller” one! I’ve eaten my way around Thailand three times now and am yet to get sick (touch wood!). I have, however, come away with some amazing experiences that have been the highlights from my trips…






Photograph © Jess Carey 2014



7 thoughts on “Through my eyes: street food of Thailand

  1. Great post! What are some of these good-looking eats? The meat on stick things look amazing! What are some really good street food that you’ve had? Are you a fan of durian? They are the craziest fruit ever, haha. Were you in Thailand for fun or business?

    • Hahaha no, not really a fan of durian… although it’s absolutely EVERYWHERE over there!!! My favourites would have to be the pad thai from the little pink cart on Patong Beach in Phuket, the bags of fresh, diced pineapple, and the marinated and grilled pork on a stick – oh my goodness they’re amazing! I’ve visited Thailand 3 times – twice for fun, once with work (but that was still fun!) 🙂 Have you been?!

      • I want to go! My cousin used to go all the time b/c the Banyan Tree Resort headquarters is in Bangkok and she worked there. She told me stories about the delicious fresh smoothies and huge prawns! I would love to go someday!

      • Ohh you must!! It’s the most amazing country, every city is so different from the next!! And yes, the prawns were amazing – I think I ate my weight in them hehe 🙂

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