Eat here: Noodle Kingdom, Melbourne (Chinese)

Noodle Kingdom, Preston, Melbourne

I’m a big fan of the neighbourhood, family style, honestly good Asian restaurant, like Maney’s.  This is another one. Located out in the northern suburb of Preston (it’s actually got another spot in the city), it looks like a lot of the other little places on the same street – always busy, always smells amazing, always tempts you to cross the threshold through the front door. Husband and I first visited on a friend’s recommendation when we moved into the area, and now head back regularly – it’s pretty amazing!

This last visit saw us order a nice big serve of pan fried pork dumplings to share (12 pretty big dumplings for around $9.00 = amazing value!). These are seriously delicious dumplings, and one of the main reasons we keep going back. They’re the perfect share plate, and very filling.



Next up was another share plate – the main meals are ridiculously enormous. We shared a Shanghai fried noodles (again, only around $9.50 from memory), which was MORE than enough to fill us both up after the giant dumplings. These noodles are incredible, freshly made (you can see the chefs hand making them in the front window on entry) and just so perfect. You can’t get this kinda food out of a packet!


It’s not fancy food, it’s honest food. It’s delicious, it’s home made, it feels like home. And it’s super cheap, a rare luxury for such good food. That’s why we keep going back, and why you should check it out too!


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