Eat here: Gypsy Hideout, Melbourne (cafe)

Gypsy Hideout, Northcote, Melbourne


For those of you playing along at home, husband and I took a lovely 10km walk last weekend, which was punctuated with photo stops (the results of which you can see here!), which ended at Gypsy Hideout for lunch.

There’s no way to put this diplomatically – Northcote has been overrun by hipsters. And I couldn’t be happier. An insane amount of cute little cafes have opened up on High Street, which are primarily inhabited by bearded men who button their shirts all the way up and bespectacled women writing in notebooks, vintage jars filled with water sitting on the school-desk like tables. I’m really happy about the hipster revolution, because you can be whoever and whatever you want to no judgement. Nerd has become cool again; ironic, because I was picked on for being a nerd soooo much in my younger years. Apparently that’s kinda cool now. Anyway, back to the hipster food.

Not a bad menu in this place – they seem to cater mostly to your coffee addicts and breakfast/brunch crowd. The lunch menu looked pretty delicious too – lots of sandwich type options, with the opportunity to go gluten free or vegetarian, naturally.

20140615-164849-60529316.jpgHusband went with the club sandwich, and I went with the BRAT, below (bacon, rocket, avocado and tomato with kewpie mayo on a brioche bun).


It was really good, actually. The insides were delicious and plentiful (unfortunately that meant a lot of it kept sliding out!), and the brioche was magnificent – it’s a rare and spectacular bun that doesn’t go soggy under the weight of all that it held. It was a really good sandwich, but at $16.00 I felt it was very overpriced for something I could have probably prepared myself at home for a lot less money. Husband’s club sandwich was basically the same, with the addition of fairly bland and dry grilled chicken. He was pretty disappointed.

I think this place would do a great breakfast and wouldn’t mind going back for some smashed avo on toast (it looked really good!), and the coffee selection looks phenomenal (I’m not a coffee drinker so I can’t judge personally), so I’d say it’d be worth going back for that, but I don’t think I’d go back for lunch in a hurry at those prices!


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2 thoughts on “Eat here: Gypsy Hideout, Melbourne (cafe)

  1. Spare a thought for those of us in Westgarth who moved in before the hipsters arrived (or before they were invented), in an epoch when there were still useful shops/vacant shopfronts/cheap eats and such along the High Street (I am talking 10 yrs ago). Anyway, the Gypsy Hideout is all good, and the strip has free internet courtesy of Darebin Council, too.
    There is another GH cafe in Echuca, VIC too.

    • I was actually discussing this with dad the other day – he grew up and has always worked around preston and was just saying how amazed he is at the difference 10 years has made!
      Good to hear that the development isn’t all bad, though 🙂
      I didn’t realise they had another one in Echuca!

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