Cooking Vietnamese to numb the hurt of returning to reality

So I’ve only been back from Vietnam a few days, and I’m already struggling to re-adapt to reality. It’s hard going back to work and regular household chores when my soul is restless, knowing it should be living out of a suitcase in a different city every week. As I usually do after returning home from travelling, I’ve fallen back on the food to merge my reality and my recent adventure.

Sib and I took a fantastic cooking class in Hoi An, which you’ll read all about soon enough; between that, all the eating we did and the close observation of the methods of the street food vendors, I guess I picked up enough to get back to my kitchen with a bit more confidence. So three days back in Melbourne, and here are the three tables of food I’ve put up for husband and I…

Day 1: pork marinated in shallots, garlic, lemongrass, salt, pepper, sugar & oil, with some greens stir fried in oyster sauce, brown rice, crispy shallots, and fresh herbs including coriander and mint.


Day 2: Hoi An style pancakes with cucumber, carrot, fresh herbs, peanuts, crispy shallots and home made dipping sauce, with rice paper to wrap it all up in.


Day 3: healthy bun cha – rice noodles (didn’t have vermicelli in the house so I improvised!) with pork meatballs, home made sweet & sour sauce, cucumber, carrot, crispy shallots and fresh coriander.


It’s healthy food, it’s fresh, delicious, and most importantly it’s REAL. Nothing they eat over there (and in fact most of South East Asia) comes from a package, it’s all fresh and home made. Eating like this for the last few days has made me feel a bit better about being back to the “real” world – after all, isn’t travel all about finding new ways of living, learning, taking the parts that resonate most with you back home with you? And for me, it’s almost always the food that resonates most, it’s the truest indicator of other lives and loves.

6 thoughts on “Cooking Vietnamese to numb the hurt of returning to reality

  1. Yummy, your post makes me hungry. Almost our traditional cuisine are fresh and home-made, my family always use dishes in day and never put leftovers to the fridge (all the members have to finish their meals completely). It’s a habit to enjoy all the smell, taste and feeling of the dishes. I am glass you have a good time in Viet Nam, your dishes look very delicious. Hope someday we can meet up ❤

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