Eat here: Doughboys Doughnuts, Melbourne

Doughboys Donuts, Melbourne CBD

Yes, we are on a donut spree at the moment. In preparation for our trip to America, I picked us up a donut to share a few weeks ago on my way home from work. What’s developed is a weekly donut-and-hot-drink outing to sample Melbourne’s fried and frosted delights.

Doughboys have a delectable line up that included the following when we visited:

Husband and I picked out the Double D and the PBJ to share, and they were both pretty impressive!

Good dough, a little thicker and cakier than the All Day Donuts ones, but still really good.

The toppings are what Doughboys are really known for though, and they are insane! Over the top, falling off the sides, and most importantly freshly applied as you order. The cutlery sitting close by is clearly necessary, unless, like us, you’re happy to have your hands coated in sticky deliciousness.

They were both amazing, by the way, although I think the PBJ just had the edge. Would be happy to eat them both again. Only thing that may stop me is the cost – $5 for a donut is VERY pricey. I’m glad they were freshly cooked (most likely only because we turned up first thing in the morning, but still) and frosted as we waited. Added bonus – this place resides next to Fancy Hank’s BBQ, which means it you time your visit right, you could be washing down your donut with a side of pulled pork!


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