Eat here: Pho Hung, Melbourne (Vietnamese)

Pho Hung, Preston, Melbourne

Living in the northern suburbs basically means a truck load of incredible (and often cheap) food from all corners of the globe in pretty easy reach. Happy days! Husband and I usually meet straight after work on Friday nights for a quick bite to eat before doing our grocery shopping at the Preston Market, and it’s more often than not Chinese or Vietnamese food. Because it’s delicious and generally pretty good value for money.

We’d heard that Pho Hung on High Street in Preston was pretty popular for their pho. We finally decided to give it a try. Even though we arrived at 5.30pm on Friday night, the place was already packed; it always is. People seem to flock here at all times of the day and night, it’s amazing!


We ordered a bowl of beef brisket pho each (medium serve for $9.50, large for $11.00), which came out pretty quickly and with a side of bean sprouts, basil, lemon and chilli.


With the addition of lemon juice, crushed basil leaves, a little soy sauce and some fish sauce, the broth tasted more balanced to my tastes. The beef was magnificent – soft and thinly sliced, easily pulled apart by my spoon. The noodles were good too, also super soft while holding their structure.

While it didn’t hold a candle to the stuff I tried in Vietnam (sorry, I hate to sound like THAT girl, but it was so good over there!), it was still very good and I happily polished off as much as I could fit in. I’ve only just started getting into pho, so I’d really love to try out some more places – there are at least 50,000 pho joints in Melbourne so I shouldn’t have to look too far for more (any suggestions would be GREATLY welcomed!!). I feel it should also be noted that this place gets a lot of bad reviews, particularly for it’s service, and I can see why; the lady who took our order barely spoke to us, let alone made any eye contact. However, the food is pretty good and decently priced, so I’m not too offended by the lack of friendliness – I was there to eat, not to make new pals.

If you’re in the area and have a hankering for pho, it’s definitely worth a visit, particularly on the cold, winter nights Melbourne is getting at the moment – just bring your appetite because the bowls are HUGE!

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2 thoughts on “Eat here: Pho Hung, Melbourne (Vietnamese)

  1. Oh god I really need to stop trawling your blog, mostly because I should be working, but also because it’s making me so damn hungry. Pho is one of the things I miss most about living in Melbourne.

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