Eat here: T’s Vietnamese Classics, Melbourne

T’s Vietnamese Classics, Preston, Melbourne


It was with heavy hearts that husband and I recently discovered that our favourite local restaurant, Pho Toan, has shut down. Since moving house almost a year ago, we’ve eaten dinner there almost every Friday night. The food was bloody good, the prices were civilized, and it was just a great place. So, without our regular Friday night Vietnamese spot to eat at, we tried something new last night, and decided to have dinner at the Preston Market, which is where we do our weekly grocery shopping.

I picked out this place because it’s always busy when we walk past, the prices are cheap and the bowls of food looked pretty big. We took our seats at the counter and ordered – beef pho for husband ($9.00), pork bun cha for me ($10.00). While we waited (not very long!), we were served up a hot glass of green tea each, as well.


I thought it’d be difficult to beat the Pho Toan bun, but this was fantastic! The pork was delicious, the noodles fresh and soft, the cucumber and lettuce cold and crisp. There were heaps of fresh herbs and crushed peanuts, which were much appreciated, and the accompanying sauce was the best I’ve ever had. It was very, very good. Husband really liked his pho too, said the broth was unreal. When we’d finished our enormous bowls, the lovely man working there came to clear our bowls and ask if we enjoyed our meal. Husband thanked him and shook his hand, I told him it was easily as good as the bun I ate in Vietnam last month. He was thrilled. We had a chat about where I’d visited, and where he was from, before he rushed off to help the couple who’d just taken the spare seats beside us. He was so friendly and happy, I want to go back just to have another chat with him – I feel like he’d be really interesting to talk to! But, I digress; $19.00 on 2 huge bowls, we were full and happy and have possibly found a new Friday night dinner spot. Doesn’t matter if it’s on the other side of the world in an exotic city, or a few suburbs away from home, the best food is ALWAYS at markets!

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