Luna1878 Winter Night Market @ QVM, Melbourne

Luna1878 Winter Night Market @ QVM, Melbourne


Yes, I know, this is a bit late given that Wednesday was the last Luna1878 Night Market of the season, but I hadn’t a chance to get there until this week! Don’t worry, the summer season of night markets will be starting up soon, from November 5th, so just a quick intermission before we can all go back and enjoy Wednesday nights once again!

In the mean time, the food vendors that featured at the Luna1878 Night Markets will still be cooking up delicious treats for you to eat at their own places, so here’s what we ate at the market this week, and what we’d HIGHLY recommend you try, too! And yes, we – I didn’t eat all this myself, husband gave me a hand!

1. Wonderbao’s fried chicken bao and the chicken and shitake bao bun. Amazing start to the night, the bun was good value for money I thought at $3, the larger fried chicken bao was very overpriced in my opinion at $7. Only in Melbourne can you get away with charging that much and still having a line of people!
Wonderbao on Urbanspoon

2. The chunky steak pie from Gourmet Pies – sadly the pastry was a little thin on the bottom and starting to get a little soggy, but the filling… wow.. probably the best filled steak pie I’ve EVER had. Massive chunks of quality beef that fell apart as you bit into them. Great value for $6 – there was also an option for an $8 pie plus peas and mash plate.
Gourmet Pies on Urbanspoon

3. BBQ pig with rice and accompaniments from Hoy Pinoy BBQ. Massive winner. Tender, juicy BBQ’d pork, and the sides were phenomenal. Would definitely go back for this again. Good value for $12.

4. Chilli’s pulled pork tacos. Not overly amazing, but the pineapple in there was fantastic with the pork. Loved that. Also a bit overpriced at $6 for one small taco, plus extra $1 for guacamole.

5. We thought we were done when we spotted LongHorn’s BBQ stand. Like moths to a flame. Brisket roll for $12 was a little pricey, but to be honest, I’m happy to spend that kind of money when the quality of the meat is THAT good. I’ve Googled and Googled but can’t seem to find any more info on this place – the only one I can find is based on Florida??! Any one know any more about LongHorn?! I want more!!!

6. Didn’t get in quick enough for a photo, but husband had a fried chicken drumstick from Mamak – soft, tender, juicy chicken and the coating was really nice.
Mamak on Urbanspoon

7. I may have been a little over excited come dessert time and forgot about a photo of the crème brulee and the cannoli from the Crème Brulee Cart. They were both unreal. Even husband who isn’t a huge dessert person helped me polish it all off pretty happily!
The Brûlée Cart on Urbanspoon

8. Finally, special mention to Steel Drum Popcorn – I usually buy a bag at the market, but was so full I actually forgot.. the shame! If you haven’t tried their incredible sweet and salty popcorn before, you are missing out in a big way. This stuff is popcorn crack. Get on it.


Another awesome night at the market, can’t wait for November to do it all again before we head to America to eat our way through their markets, too!



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