Eat here: Seoul Soul, Melbourne (Korean)

Seoul Soul, Northcote, Melbourne


Another delicious lunch with my best friend. She’s the one that put me onto Ascot Food Store and Nieuw Amsterdam, she knows her food, so no pressure when it’s my turn to choose somewhere to eat! I chose well this time with Seoul Soul in Northcote. I’d heard a lot of good things about this little Korean eatery, the second of it’s name, with the first having opened in Abbotsford. It’s a simple, industrial-type set up, high bench communal seating, and shiny metal chopsticks lined up and ready to go.

We ordered a serve of the deep fried prawn dumplings to start with ($6.00 for 4) and they were amazing. Really nice and crisp without that sickly deep-fried taste, the dipping sauce was fantastic too. Would definitely want to eat these again!


Mains were dosirak, one each. The “meal buckets” basically entail your choice of protein (I went with teriyaki chicken, which was a bloody great choice), rice, and assorted other goodies including a spring roll and a mixed salad. At only $11.00, this is probably one of the best valued meals in Melbourne at the moment. The chicken was magnificent, tender and juicy. Tons of teriyaki sauce. Liberal serving of rice. Lots of other tasty bits and pieces in there too, which I loved. Already planning another visit to have this again. Seriously, one of the best things I’ve eaten (that didn’t break the bank) in quite some time.


Melbourne’s northern suburbs are really stepping up the food game at the moment, and those of us who live in and around those suburbs are so very thankful. Amazing food at a reasonable price – not sure what else you can ask for! Well done Seoul Soul, I’ll be back.

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