Hamburger cakes :)

Thought this needed a quick little post of its own… There’s not much I do that I’m really proud of, but I’m damn proud of my hamburger cakes! I first made them a few years ago for a cousin’s birthday – mini ones, like the size of a really little cupcake, and they were a MASSIVE hit! My grandfather particularly was quite partial to them once he overcame his initial confusion as to what exactly he was eating (he couldn’t understand why we were being served little hamburgers with tea and coffee) and polished off more than a few. Since then, I’ve also made them as big, full sized cakes for family and friends, always met with big smiles.

This week, we have a birthday at work of my colleague and manager. Like me, she loves cakes. Also like me, she loves hamburgers. I offered to forgo the usual buy-a-cake-from-a-bakery thing and make one myself. I hope she likes it!


I also had a heap of batter and dough left over, so I made some smaller ones (regular sized cupcakes) for husband to take to work and share. If they don’t get eaten tonight. Which they might.


They’re actually pretty easy to make… it’s just really fiddly and time consuming. Basically, what you’re looking at is…
– Burger bun: vanilla buttermilk cake topped with sesame seeds
– Pattie: a chocolate fudge brownie cookie
– Lettuce: shredded coloured coconut
– Cheese: coloured royal icing
– Sauce: runny vanilla icing

Then you just kinda build your burger! They’re really fun to make, but the best part is seeing the smiles on the people who get to eat it. That’s the best part of baking and cooking for me; when what I can create brings a smile to someone, helps them recall a really good memory from childhood or travels or a good time past, that’s what makes me the happiest 🙂

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