Drink (and eat and even sleep!) here: The Egerton Pub, London

The Egerton Pub
73 Dalling Rd, London


Quite a few years ago now, husband’s sister and her new husband took off on an amazing 12 month trip around the world. They settled in London for a while, living in a small room above a gorgeous little pub. When we told them about our plans to visit London last year, they insisted that we had to visit this pub, they knew we’d absolutely love it!

After a bit of investigating, we discovered the pub had been re-painted and re-named, but the inside remained untouched, so we added it to our list.

We took a short tube ride into Hammersmith, to find The Egerton, sitting inconspicuously in the middle of a quiet suburban street. We crossed the threshold from the cold London day outside, and into the belly of the beast, a beautiful, warm, cosy pub adorned in old, lived in timber and a roaring fire place. Heaven.


After the unexpected morning visit to the West Ham field, we were pretty happy to grab a drink and a seat and relax for a while before the next adventure. Given it was early in the day, before lunch time, there were only a few other locals in there – this isn’t a bedazzled, commercial, tourist pub. It’s real.

By all accounts the food is fantastic (unfortunately we weren’t there long enough to eat lunch), the beer list is great, and they even had a few good ciders for me! They get a lot of soccer fans after games, so if you’re there on one of those nights, be prepared for utter and complete chaos.

You can also stay there, actually sleep in the pub, so if you’re planning a few big nights and don’t want to have to wonder far to get to your bed, consider accommodation as well!

It was one of the best pubs we visited in London, and a certainty for our next visit; the warmth and cosiness of it coupled with the fact that it was clearly a spot for the locals made it feel like a real home away from home. Make sure you visit next time you’re in London, too!

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