Cook this: scrambled egg & chorizo breakfast tacos


Every now and then I get bursts of divine random inspiration. Like this. I have absolutely no idea how I thought of it, but while I was sitting at my desk at work during the week thinking about the fact that I needed to write up a shopping list, I had a vision. Breakfast tacos. Full of scrambled eggs. And chorizo. What? How the hell does something like that just pop into your head while you’re paying invoices??! Actually, I remember reading somewhere once that mundane tasks can often help bring about brilliant thoughts and solutions. Now that I write this, I actually remember a Big Bang Theory episode when Sheldon goes go work with Penny at the Cheesecake Factory on order to do just that. Huh… So unintentionally smart..

Anyway, scrambled egg breakfast tacos. I made them yesterday morning, and can confidently say they’re easily the best way to start your Sunday. Possibly also one of the best things to come out of my kitchen lately. I’d highly recommend you get on top of this too.

So, not so much a recipe as a few pointers…
1. Warm tortillas. Don’t leave them cold. No one likes that.
2. Good quality chorizo from your favourite and trusted deli. I got mine from good old Preston Market and chopped it up into smaller pieces and fried up for a few minutes until they started to brown a little.
3. Scrambled eggs. Husband does a mean scrambled egg, so once those bits of chorizo were crisp, he took over and scrambled the eggs with the chorizo, as well as a little salt and pepper.
4. To serve, add a little diced avocado and grated manchego cheese.

Who knew something so simple could be so magical?! And it really, really was magic..


5 thoughts on “Cook this: scrambled egg & chorizo breakfast tacos

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