October. It’s that time of the year, when the hoards flock to German bier halls all over the world to revel with the masses, fill their steins and generally just get messy with friends and strangers alike. And, just because we couldn’t make it all the way to Germany (not yet, anyway… plans are in motion for a legit “in-Germany” Oktoberfest soon) to celebrate, didn’t mean we weren’t going to have some fun anyway!

This weekend saw our humble little backyard host a mini-Oktoberfest with a few friends and a lot of food and beer! Husband and I, both being huge foodies, had heaps of fun planning out the menu and getting it all ready, including the home made pretzels that I somehow managed to master (recipe coming tomorrow) and the delicious array of meat in tube form we procured from the Preston Market – Kransky, Bratwurst, German salami… all so good!

We couldn’t stop there though, so there was also sauerkraut, potato salad, and Black Forest cookies (give me another few days and I’ll put this recipe up too!) – actual slices of cake or apple strudel are just too hard to eat when you’re a few drinks down!

Anyway, here are some more pictures… it was a great night with great friends 🙂







9 thoughts on “Oktoberfest!

  1. Wow, this looks awesome! And those pretzels look AMAZING – good work, lady! I love German food like you wouldn’t believe. I had the luck of attending Oktoberfest in Munich a few years ago, which ignited my love for Bavarian food and drink! Was such a treat to return to Germany this year and feast again! 🙂

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