It takes a long time to grow an old friend..

You know those friends who you feel like you’ve known forever? The ones that you don’t always notice, but you also can’t really ever remember them not being around? The ones who’ve stood by your stupid decisions as well as your good ones, who may have given you shit about the silly stuff you’ve done, but never judged you. They’re the ones who’ve let you cry on their shoulders when you’ve been really sad, and gotten drunk with you when you’ve run out of tears. They’re the friends who were right there beside you, growing up alongside you in the tough, formative teenage years. The rare friends you could be yourself with when you felt like everyone else was watching and scrutinising your every move. The ones you’d go to first with both the good news and the bad news. They are the ones who have always been your biggest supporter, and you theirs. You’ve tried together, succeeded together, failed together, and tried again together.

And then, you both grew up. You got to be “adults,” whatever that means. Life took you down different paths, but you stayed friends. Because deep friendships like these, real friendships, can’t be broken by distance or time. And even though we may now be leading different lives in different cities, catching up always feels like home 🙂



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