Eat here: Laurie Dees, Melbourne (American)

Laurie Dees Hamburgers and Frozen Custards, Epping, Melbourne

Well after an embarrassing little mishap where WordPress published only the photos and deleted all the words, lets try this again!


With Melbourne continuing to be enamoured with the American food thing, good burgers keep popping up all over the city, which is good news for those of us who love them! Laurie Dees isn’t getting the recognition it deserves just yet, because it’s a fair way out of the city in the northern suburbs, but it is starting to earn a serious following from those in the area/those who don’t mind making the hike out there, and now that I’ve finally been, it’s easy to see why! It’s a modern, American diner style set-up, an order-at-the-counter, take-a-seat-in-a-booth place, a collect-your-tray-from-the-counter-when-your-number-is-called, and it works perfectly!

But you’re not hear to read, you’re here to see the food and work out whether it’s worth going all the way to Epping for. Husband and I made our decisions pretty easily – we each got a double Laurie Dee ($9.95 – lettuce, tomato, cheese, pickles, relish, grilled onions, special D sauce and 2 smash patties) with bacon (+ $1.00). The double smash patties were perfect, they had the best charred crust, and were all sorts of greasy deilcious. The addition of the bacon was the best decision of the night, it was actually crispy, and the Special D sauce was similar to the Big Mac special sauce, but a whole lot better! It was a damn good burger – not my favourite in Melbourne, but definitely up there, and definitely worth going for!


We also shared a side of chilli cheese fries ($8.95) which were actually really good! The fries themselves, whatever they were seasoned with, were amazing, and the chilli was a great extra addition.


Dinner was delicious and pretty filling, but we were at a place with the words “Frozen Custard” in the title, so hands were tied – dessert was on. Husband went with the Snickers Sundae ($5.95), which was a scoop of the chocolate frozen custard topped with pieces of Snickers, chopped peanuts, warm caramel fudge and whipped cream. Top notch.


I went with a concrete ($6.95), chocolate custard with snickers pieces, shortbread crumbles and warm caramel fudge (+ $1.00 – you get two mix ins free, $1.00 for any extras thereafter). This was pretty amazing – the frozen custard was silky smooth, much more so than ice cream, and there were tons of mix ins – it’s the worst when they skimp on that stuff, you feel so ripped off… not here!


So, what you need to know – amazing food, solid serving sizes for the price, genuinely great service, well worth the trip to Epping for it!
Laurie Dee's Hamburgers & Frozen Custard on Urbanspoon


9 thoughts on “Eat here: Laurie Dees, Melbourne (American)

  1. Wow, Jess. This place completely reminds me of some of the burger places in the states so it looks like they’ve done their research! Down to how the burger looks and is presented. And as for the custard, I didn’t even know frozen custard existed. Hopefully I can find a place a little closer to me that sells it.

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