Eat here: BARRY, Melbourne (cafe)

BARRY, Northcote, Melbourne


High Street, Northcote. Man, how it’s changed… I took dad out for dinner at Seoul Soul a few weeks ago, and he was amazed that an area that was so crappy when he was my age was now the place to be, full of quirky little hipster cafes and boutique stores, second hand bookstores and shops full of vintage tea cups and dresses. An area that you couldn’t have paid a young couple to live in 20 years ago is now completely unaffordable for said young couples. It’s one of my favourite areas of suburbia, starting up at Ruckers Hill (home of many a great food truck, like 1090 Burgers, and also home to this killer view of the city) and dropping down right to the end of High St where you’ll find Barry.


I’ve been to BARRY a few times with my lovely best friend E, but hadn’t yet taken husband along. Thought it was time to fix that, so we took a recent weekend visit. When you go, expect a possible wait – BARRY is always busy! Don’t be put off by this – there’s a good reason for it.

They do an amazing breakfast, and the menu is full of fresh, healthy ingredients; lunch is much the same. Favourite dishes of mine include the Californian Superfood Salad (below) which I’ll most likely order again the next time I visit, because it’s amazing, and also cucumber & gin cured ocean trout. This time, I thought I’d try something a little different, dishes that weren’t quite so “health conscious”, and we ordered two dishes to share…


Wagyu beef burger: with pickled cucumber, cheese and onion rings, plus chips and chipotle mayo ($19.00). This was surprisingly nice! It was a simple burger, soft bun, great cheese and absolutely loved the onion rings. The chips were the huge winner though – perfectly cooked, the best mayo I’ve had in a very long time; husband agreed.


Eight hour lamb shoulder with pomegranate, mint, cumin labne, pickled onions and cauliflower rice ($18.00). The lamb was phenomenal – so tender it fell apart at the fork, the mint and pomegranate were perfect, and I loved the cumin labne! The cauliflower rice was a bit meh, but the rest of it was amazing.


BARRY also makes a killer coffee, according to those in the know, as well as stocking a beautiful selection of cakes by the counter. It’s a big place, but always packed out, and the staff work like machines to ensure everyone is happily fed and caffeinated. It’s also consistent – I’ve eaten here numerous times, and the standard has never dropped, which I think is a big reason for BARRY’s continued popularity. Make sure you stop by for a damn good breakfast/brunch/lunch – it’s always delicious at BARRY!

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