Eat here: Mr Banks, Melbourne (sandwiches)

Mr Banks, Melbourne CBD


I’m a little bit torn as I write this post. The food here is delicious, and I think that everyone working in Melbourne’s CBD should take a lunch break to enjoy a pulled pork sandwich here at least once, if they haven’t already. But I’m very reluctant to share Mr Banks, because it’s MY place. My special little place that I visit a few times a week, every week, to sit myself in a corner with a pot of tea and a good book, tune out from the daily grind for an hour and escape into another world and live a different story for a little while. The lovely ladies working on the floor and behind the counter have become familiar, and their smiles always brighten up my day when I arrive. You may recall some of the following scenes; I was holed up at Mr Banks for all of these, and many more!


But, I digress. The food. It’s good; it wouldn’t be packed out almost every day on the lunch hour if it wasn’t. You can get breakfasty type things like bircher muesli, fruit salads and toasted slabs of beautiful bread. You can also get some awfully pretty looking desserts, like marshmallow-filled brownies and frosted cronuts. But the big drawcard, the main reason people are visiting, are the sandwiches -sorry, Bankswiches. They’ve got a few on offer, but top of the list and easily the most popular is the Mr Banks ($12.00).


A super soft bun stacked with juicy pulled pork, candied bacon and crispy slaw, and a side of proper, crispy chips. Let’s not mince words here; it’s a damn good sandwich/burger/pile of happiness, and the rate at which you see them flying out of the kitchen is your best indicator that ordering it is a sure fire win. Only down side is that the bun can get a smidge soggy, but I’d rather a slightly soggy bun towards the last few bites than dry pork, so I’m still walking away awfully happy. Oh, and surprisingly great value for a cafe in Melbourne’s CBD – $12.00 gets you a more than generous pile of pork and bacon, along with your chips and small salad. Happy days!

You know what else they do really well? Cakes. And donuts. Filled with the most magnificent home made raspberry jam and smothered with white chocolate and more sugar. Oh, and these donuts are bigger than my hand curled up in a fist, and weigh a substantial amount. They also usually have some seriously good looking brownies, cookies, and even cronuts on rotation in the front window.


Do yourself a favour, take a break from work tomorrow, or the day after (or both), and grab yourself a sammich and something sweet to finish on from Mr Banks. I might see you there before I take off on my travels later in the week!


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