Eat here: Eataly, Chicago, USA (Italian)

43 E Ohio St, Chicago

Merry Christmas from Chicago!! It’s Christmas morning over here right now and we’ve just taken a nice cold walk out to Millenium Park to get some photos of Cloud Gate without the crowds – totally worth getting up early for, it was so beautiful!! I’ll put a few pictures up on Instagram, but will post pics taken with my proper camera when I get home – it’s a stunning sight!

Anyway, last night for Christmas Eve required italian food because traditionally at home we do a big Italian feast at the grandparents’ house! We went to Eataly and I fell in love a little bit… This place is the emporium of all this food and Italian, I was absolutely in my element! What I was surprised to find out was that there are a heap of these all over the world already, I had no idea! They have two floors of all things food related – not just food (olive oil, fresh vegetables, preserved goodies), they also have wine, kitchenware, cookbooks, toiletries, even a cooking school!

The best thing about it all is the fact you can pull up a pew and eat there too; they have a ton of places that serve everything from meat and fresh seafood to panini and cheeses. Christmas Eve dinner was a darn good time there! We visited the Birreria first, and enjoyed some beer, wine and the piato misto, the most magnificent plate of cured meats and cheeses and accompaniments I’ve ever seen, plus bread! And pretty reasonable at only USD$22 for all that food you see below!

After that we made our way over the the pizza corner (all of the food spots are first come first served, no reservations) and sat down to order us a pizza. And it was one of the best I’ve ever had. Seriously. Light dough, the freshest ingredients, soooo delicious!!! USD$19 for this one, topped with fresh rocket, prosciutto, mozzarella and parmigiano… Perfect!

It was a really lovely way to spend Christmas Eve away from home, and I absolutely loved Eataly – can’t wait to visit the one in New York too now! Merry Christmas everyone!!! xo

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