Home sweet home :)


Was that photo really only taken a few days ago? Damn…

After 6 weeks, I’m finally back home! It’s been crazy, amazing, unbelievable, testing, emotional, all of that. I missed Marley like hell. I also missed cafes that know how to make tea properly, and my stomach missed soy milk. And I missed having a washing machine instead of a small bathroom sink or a shower. I’ve missed easy access to healthy breakfasts and cooking my own meals. And knowing how the public transport system works without having to concentrate so hard.

Weirdly enough, I didn’t mind living out of a suitcase, not at all. I found the constant movement, flying from one city to the next, strangely therapeutic. The cold was refreshing, both physically and mentally, and I can now seriously layer like a boss. I loved walking everywhere, even when my feet and dodgy hips ached like nothing else. And just stopping to take it all in whenever I felt like it, because we really didn’t need to be anywhere in a hurry, like we do back at home.

It was an adventure like nothing else, and I’m so thankful now for all of the hard work that went into this trip; all of the saving, sacrificing, budgeting, researching. It was totally worth it, every bit! But, no matter the adventure, there’s truly no place like home, and I am glad to be back  : )

It’ll also be nice to be getting back to this blogging space; I’ve missed having the space to write every day! I kept a travel journal, too, which should help me write up all of the posts I can’t wait to share – I had so many wonderful experiences that I’d highly recommend to others travelling in those cities, and a lot of them I originally found through blogs as well!

But right now, my body is telling me to call it a night – jet lag is kicking my ass, my shoulder is still aching from a fall I took a few weeks ago in New York, I’ve got a sore throat and lost my voice, as is customary for me any time I take a flight that lasts more than 5 hours (seriously, it’s so bizarre! Don’t feel sick at all, voice just vanishes for a few days! Anyone else get this?!)… yup, time to get some sleep! Hope all of my fellow Australians have a fantastic Australia Day long weekend!

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