Eat here: Grand Trailer Park Taverna, Melbourne (burgers)

Grand Trailer Park Taverna
Upstairs of 87 Bourke St, Melbourne CBD


I know, I’m super late on the Trailer Park train. This place has been open for AGES, and I LOVE burgers and I STILL hadn’t found the time to go sooner! Shame on me!

Anyway, finally got the chance to check it out this week on a Wednesday night burger date with a very good friend and fellow food enthusiast. I’m sure you’ve read the million other reviews on this place out there, so let’s keep this simple.

This place is decked out like the most gorgeously classy trailer park in the world – we only had a party of two, but that didn’t stop me snagging on of the giant caravans designed to seat a good 8 – 10 people. How often do you get to dine in a caravan park that has chandeliers? Gotta do it properly! A++ for the decking out of the place, absolutely loved it!


I got the orginial, the KSA – Aussie beef pattie, American cheddar cheese, tomato, butter, lettuce, mustard, the special burger sauce of their own that everyone seems to have these days, and toasted bun. We also shared some chips, because we heard they were pretty good, and they were – think of fish-n-chip shop style chips, but actually crispy instead of soggy, with just the right amount of salt for once. The burger itself was somewhat underwhelming for me; I guess that’s what happens when you spend so long listening to the hype before actually trying it yourself. I’m not sure how best to describe it… kinda like a really, really, extremely classy, hotted up and fully furnished fish-n-chip shop type burger, using the absolute best ingredients available. That is not necessarily a bad thing, so don’t misinterpret this – it was just really different to some of the other burgers out there, like the Rockwell, Huxta and 1090. It didn’t quite have that same X factor as they do and I think that was the style of burger I was expecting, so I wasn’t too sure what to think at first! It was different, but different isn’t a bad thing – I actually really did enjoy it!

If you’re like me and STILL haven’t visited, it’s still getting a good wrap for a reason – grab a friend and a caravan and enjoy a good burger!
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