Eat here: Manchester Press, Melbourne (breakfast)

Manchester Press
8 Rankins Lane, Melbourne CBD

Monday mornings. Bleh. Unless you’re supremely fortunate, you’re probably doing much the same as the rest of us right now; sitting in your car or on the train or the tram on your way to work. Another weekend over (sob), another week of work about to begin. You’re dreading opening your email, you can’t keep ignoring that pile of paperwork on your desk, you can’t take a nap at 11am. Monday mornings hurt, there’s no two ways about it, and no escaping the inevitable start to the work week. You can, however, cushion the blow a little bit, as I found out last Monday…

I’m lucky enough to have one of my closest friends work around the corner from my office, which means weekly tea and cupcake lunch breaks at Little Cupcakes, and the occasional after work dinner date. Having just been away for 6 weeks, we had a LOT to catch up on, and half an hour over cake wasn’t gonna cut it. Dinner wasn’t looking good, as we both had pretty full schedules. Then, duh, why don’t we do breakfast BEFORE work?!? We’re both morning people, being in the city dressed and ready to go at 7.30am isn’t difficult for us, how the hell had we not considered this before?!


So, 7.30am last Monday morning, we met here, at Manchester Press on Melbourne CBD’s Rankins Lane. I’d been wanting to go for ages and she’s kind enough to trust my food judgment, crazy as that can sometimes be. It was nice and quiet, not many tables occupied, so we could actually really relax into it – there’s nothing worse when your relaxing breakfast or brunch is hijacked by people chatting a little too loudly on their phones, screaming toddlers, frustrated floor staff and the inability to get a table. Not this time; we ordered small pot of tea each along with our breakfasts, and got to catching up while we waited, which wasn’t long!


My lovely lady friend ordered the sweet breakfast toasted bagel concoction, loaded with berry mascarpone, fresh raspberries and crushed pistachios. She kindly offered a taste, I gratefully accepted; she chose well, it was delicious! Not too sweet, just right!


I couldn’t say no to the coconut chia pudding, layered with passionfruit and topped with fresh raspberries, accompanied by the most delicious toasted oats with pepitas, dried cranberries, sultanas and toasted almonds. Seriously one of the best café breakfasts I’ve had in a very long time – for $13.50, it was a mammoth serve (I’m a huge breakfast eater and even I couldn’t finish it!), the chia pudding was thick and full of coconut chunks, the passionfruit and raspberries cutting through the sweetness and creaminess perfectly. I loved the granola too – again, it wasn’t too sweet, and the toasted almonds were just right.

Yes, we still had to go to work after that, but the hour-long breaky and catch up made the day a hell of a lot easier to get through! We’re also lucky in Melbourne to have a heap of beautiful breakfast nooks in the CBD that do open nice and early, making breakfast dates a legitimate possibility. I hope today isn’t too rough on everyone, and if it is, call a friend this afternoon and schedule in a quiet, lazy, delicious breaky at Manchester Press for next Monday!


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