Eat here: Bad Boys, Melbourne (burgers)

Bad Boys
Punch Lane, off Lonsdale St, Melbourne CBD


I’ve only started hearing about this place recently, mostly because photos of their burgers have started to invade my Instagram feed. We were in the city earlier today anyway and needed some lunch after an early movie and before an afternoon ice cream appointment (more on this tomorrow!), so thought we’d give it a go!

Located down the end of Punch Lane, it’s a little space packing a pretty big… crap, I was going to write punch, but that’s too lame a pun even for me. Anyway, you get the point; there’s some bench top seating inside, and some astro-turf garden seating outside. It was pretty busy for a 35 degree Celsius Sunday afternoon, and we ended up waiting around 20 minutes for our burgers, which wasn’t ideal… that said, there were only two staff working, and they did a fantastic job of getting through the never ending pile of orders!

We both ordered a Bad Boy Burger (wagyu beef pattie, crispy bacon, cheese, cos lettuce, tomato and Bad Boy sauce), one with a side of beer battered chips and the other with a side of onion rings, and a soft drink each – that only cost $15 per person, surprisingly good value for Melbourne! Points for the civilized pricing options!


First up, I was absolutely stoked to discover the promise of “crispy” bacon was not actually an empty one, like so many burgers I’ve had before. Crispy bacon usually ends up being half-cooked, barely browned bacon. This bacon was genuine crispy, and it was GOOD! Unfortunately for husband, he only seemed to have gotten one slice in his burger, while I got 3… happy days for me, sad for him – a little inconsistent. The burger pattie itself was fantastic, one of the best I’ve had, actually! The outside of the patties were crispy and had a great charred flavour, the insides were still pink and a perfect medium-rare. Good cheese, lettuce, tomato; the Bad Boy sauce was a spicy kind of tomato sauce, which I thought would have been perfectly balanced out with a little mayo and/or mustard in there, too. But sadly, no dice. Really good burger though, next time I’d probably go without the Bad Boy sauce and just ask for ketchup instead.

As far as the sides go, that’s an interesting one… a glance into a quickly opened freezer door revealed familiarly branded plastic bags containing the onion rings, and I’m guessing the fries too – they were all a bit too consistently perfectly shaped. They were really delicious, though, golden and crispy to absolute perfection, well seasoned too. And ketchup and aioli available for only $1 each to dip – great offering!

Anyway, the burger was what I was really there for, and I really enjoyed it! I’d very happily go back again for another one, and wouldn’t mind trying the Cheesey Boy or the Porky Boy next!


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10 thoughts on “Eat here: Bad Boys, Melbourne (burgers)

  1. These burgers really look the business. I am definitely going to have to try them soon. For the price I don’t mind so much that the chips etc are commercial as long as they are cooked well. There is some hardcore cheeseporn going on there too 🙂

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  3. You glanced into their freezer ?! hahahaha ! Great info you got here ! It’s pretty unsual to be able to catch that kind of insight, congrats ! As everyone here in this conversation, I wouldn’t mind eating their frozen foods for a cheap price if they are well cooked though 😉

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