Eat here: Sullivan Street Bakery, New York

Sullivan Street Bakery
533 W 47th St, New York

Happy Monday! Or, as happy as a Monday can be hehe  : ) Monday mornings always seem to be the most common time for me to think about the travels I’ve taken, and particularly, the tea and cake time outs I’ve taken in beautiful, new cities; those are the times I could reflect on the journey so far, plan the next steps, and just enjoy the moment. This morning, I thought about the Sullivan Street Bakery in New York…


For a bakery that originally didn’t really deal in sweets, the Sullivan Street Bakery has an amazing reputation for some of the best donuts (bomboloni, actually) in the city. I’d heard this was the bakery to visit for some of the best pastry in New York, and the smell that hit me when I walked through the nondescript front door on a particularly cold New York winter morning in January certainly made me feel like visiting was a good decision!

Established back in 1994, the Sullivan Street Bakery is still going strong, supplying their baked goodness to over 250 New York restaurants. Magnificent arrays of breads and pizzas and pastries are the first things you see when you walk in, and I found that it became increasingly difficult to concentrate… I knew I wanted to bomboloni, but there were croissants. And squares of pizza. And other little slices of cake. Damn…

What I wasn’t expecting was just how big an influence the Italian aspect would be there; it was pretty obvious from the flavours, shapes and types of breads and other baked goods that the Italians had been a huge influence here. That made me even more excited.

We ended up getting one of each bomboloni, a vanilla cream and a chocolate, and they were every single little bit as good as everyone says. The lightest, airiest dough, incredible tasting creams, even the powdered sugar on top fit perfectly. It was absurdly hard to say no to another few to eat on the walk, but we resisted. Only to be met at the door by a lovely gentleman with a sample of the day’s special, a dough + Nutella + berry something-or-other… he said he couldn’t let us two young kids out onto the cold streets without something warm and chocolatey to eat, and who where we to not accept?! That, too, was spectacular.

Extra friendly service, completely delicious donuts, beautiful savouries as well as sweets.  Make sure you visit Sullivan Street Bakery for a quick tea and bomboloni pit stop when you’re visiting New York. It’s a necessity.


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4 thoughts on “Eat here: Sullivan Street Bakery, New York

  1. Oh I love NYC and there are so many great dessert places there that I just didn’t know how to pick last time I was there! I absolutely love the sound of those bombolonis (such a cute name) especially that Nutella one! I must remember this for next time I visit!

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