Alcatraz part 2, San Francisco


Back at Alcatraz today for another set of photos, this time taken within the prison and grounds themselves. And some random facts about the island which I found out from the absolutely brilliant audio tour while I was there and from …

– The food at Alcatraz was considered to be the best in the entire prison system.

– There were only 28 deaths on the island – 5 suicides, 8 murders and 15 deaths of natural causes/illnesses.

– Alcatraz held 302 prisoners at it’s peak capacity, and an average of 260.

– Even after a prisoner had died, their lifeless corpses were still chained and shackled for removal from the island.

– The families of the guards that lived on the island had surprisingly good facilities on hand, like a gelateria, bowling alley and convenience store.





7 thoughts on “Alcatraz part 2, San Francisco

  1. Love these posts. I visited a couple of years ago and could not get my head around the idea that children grew up there, just a few feet from some of the most dangerous men in the country. The whole place fascinates me!

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