Eat here: Short Round, Melbourne (cafe)

Short Round, Thornbury


Ohhh its FriYay! Thank goodness! That means it’s basically the weekend already, which means it’s just about time for a sunny weekend brunch, which means happy days  : )  If you, too, are loving a good weekend brunch, here’s another one to try: Short Round in Thornbury. We don’t live too far from here, drive past it very regularly, and yet still haven’t been to try it out for some reason; last weekend, we finally decided to enjoy some breakfast there.


Look, another coffee photo! Amazing! Husband enjoyed it, by all accounts. I had the tea (duh, nanna), and it was actually really nice! I didn’t actually realise that Short Round have a surprisingly fabulous tea menu, which I was kicking myself for not having checked properly before ordering my English Breakfast. Great to know, because there aren’t a ton of cafes around that cater for the avid tea drinkers as well as the coffee addicts.

Breaky: I wanted the toasted coconut and macadamia, but cinnamon doesn’t agree with me, so that was out. I ended up going with an oldie but a goodie; poached eggs on toast with avocado. Don’t know where the bread came from, but it was delicious, the avocado was fresh, ripe and plentiful, and the eggs were, to my great pleasure, perfectly poached. Oozy, drippy, organically orange egg yolk porn. Happy.


Husband’s breakfast was the clear winner though: the brioche sliders with bacon and cheese scrambled eggs. Ummm…. WOW. I know everyone thinks they’re totally overrated, but I love a good brioche bun, and these were buttery perfection. The scrambled eggs were just right, the bacon could have maybe been a little crispier, but if that was the only thing “wrong,” you can see why it was so amazing! I was grateful for a few nibbles, I will order my own next time, I liked very much.

IMG_7889All up, a really nice breakfast, absolutely gorgeous space to enjoy it in, lovely staff, and a dessert display that made me wish my toast wasn’t so big. I’ll be back for those sliders and some cake!


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