Eat here: Eileen’s Special Cheesecake, New York, USA

Eileen’s Special Cheesecake
17 Cleveland Pl, New York (between Kenmare & Spring Sts)

Hello, lover ♥


So, not long before taking off on the USAdventure, I discovered my infantile lactose intolerance had come back to bite me in the ass. And not only that; having spent more time sick than well over the past 12 months or so, we’re slowly discovering other foods that are making me rather violently ill (looking at you, garlic and onion… I’ll still always love you!). But lactose, that’s a big one. Think that was gonna stop me eating a proper bit of New York cheesecake?! HAA!!

After a bit of research and a random spot on a food show I was watching on Foxtel, it became pretty clear that it you were only going to try one cheesecake in New York, it had to be one of Eileen’s. This sassy lady has been baking for over 35 years, and despite operations being temporarily interrupted by the events of 9/11, she’s still baking cakes as gorgeous as ever in the little pocket of Cleveland Place (literally, little, tiny pocket. Easy to miss. Keep your eyes open!).

There were SO many cakes to choose from… everything from red velvet to pumpkin to a simple strawberry topped number and a dressed up rocky road. Too many options! I decided to go classic and play it safe, ordering the original. I have no regrets. I’ve had some crappy cheesecakes in my time, but this was the perfect one. The crumb crust was just sweet enough to balance out the cheesecake, it was soft and smooth, tasted like heaven. Despite the Lacteeze tablet I popped just before devouring it, I was still a little unwell that afternoon. Absolutely, completely worth it!

It’s constantly named best cheesecake in New York for a reason, and has to be the one you try when you’re visiting, too! Oh, and for those of you not keen on cheesecake or for those who take their food intolerances more seriously that I do, they had other goodies like the pecan pie husband tucked into, as well!


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