Eat here: Two Little Pigs Charcuterie & Grind (brunch) & All Day Donuts, Melbourne

Two Little Pigs Charcuterie & Grind
146 Sydney Rd, Brunswick, Melbourne

You know those friends who you can just text out of the blue to tell them about the guy on your train wearing double denim and know they’re gonna get why that’s funny? Are you lucky enough to have a friend you can talk to when everything is crap and they won’t get huggy or emotional, but will just hate the world with you until you feel better? I’ve got one of those friends, and she’s awesome! We also share the same name, shared the same hellish job for a while, and a deep love for food, among many, many other things. So when she suggests a lunch date, I know I’m gonna be getting the chance to wipe the fake smile off my face and vent about the week’s crap, put a real smile on my face and a laugh about something funny she tells me, talk travel, and eat some damn good food. Two Pigs Charcuterie was the latest venue to host one of our lunch dates.

The Sydney Road deli-cafe specialises in all things pig. And coffee. But we were there for the pig. Cold cuts, sausages, terrine, bacon, pork belly, pulled pork, it’s all there! And not only that, but slow cooked lamb, burgers, eggs, bagels and salads, too. My only issue with the menu was it had too many good looking options on it, which made my life a little difficult! It was a tough call, lots of “ummm”s and “hmmm”s, but in the end, my friend went with the roasted crispy skin pork belly roll with coleslaw and mustard aioli, and it was a good looking sandwich with plenty of filling.


As for me, it had to be the pork belly salad – citrus glazed pork belly with blackened pumpkin, rocket, fennel and raspberry vinaigrette. This wasn’t “salad.” This was crispy pork belly perfection. Little nuggets of super tender pork belly with a crispy top, perfectly sweet and soft pumpkin, and the best raspberry salad dressing I’ve ever had. I wish I could get my salads to taste this good – that’s all I’d eat if I could!! There were so many other things on the menu I’d like to try out next time I visit, but I think I’d find it hard to go past this again!


Sydney Rd is a busy area for cute little cafes, so you know these guys are doing a damn good job to stand out and keep the crowds coming. I’m going to have to try to restrain myself next time so I’ll have room for the pancake/donut hybrid dough cakes. Because they looked and smelled so good, and I want a plate of these on an empty stomach!

Two Little Pigs Charcuterie and Grind on Urbanspoon



All Day Donuts
12 Edward St, Brunswick

So we started walking after lunch and ended up at All Day Donuts. Not sure how that happened… hahaha  ; )

It had been a while since my last visit, and my lovely friend actually hadn’t visited before, so our hands were tied. Since opening almost a year ago, they’ve been keeping a pretty steady line up, with the occasional rotation; here’s what they had on the day I visited with my camera last year, and here’s what they had last weekend:


I actually really love the lack of variation. Know what you’re good at, and keep doing it. This time around, I grabbed me a lime brulee to eat in the sunshine while our chattering continues, and an OG and a raspberry rubble to take home for later. Still as amazing as my first (second, third, etc) visit; fresh out of the oven, perfectly soft and airy dough, everything delicious.


All Day Donuts on Urbanspoon


So this weekend, call that one special, irreplaceable friend of yours, and take them on that double pork & donut date you know you want and need to do.


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