Read this: Yoga Girl by Rachel Brathen

Yoga Girl
by Rachel Brathen


Unless you’ve been living under a social media rock for the last year or so, chances are you’ve heard of Yoga Girl, Rachel Brathen. Her wildly popular Instagram account has been gracing the feeds of young (mostly) women and inspiring the #yogaeverydamnday movement for quite a while now.

The Swedish native/Aruban transplant gained a cult following with the beautiful, colourful photos she posted of her yoga poses and life in Aruba, but primarily because of the raw, honest writing that went with her photos; that’s how the book is written, too.

Her book chronicles her life from young trouble maker and substance abuser to the zen goddess she is today. Her book is a beautiful mix of “this is my life and how I got here” stories, instructional photos and descriptions of yoga poses, a few healthy recipes, gorgeous photos, and “loving insights” as you can see below; think of these as tips on how to go about life in a happy, zen, yoga way.
I swear it’s not all quite as “hippy dippy” as it may sound – I was a little skeptical about a book written by a beautiful, young blonde who always looks great in a bikini, living in Aruba with her lovely husband, cutie pie dogs and running a successful empire, all while she’s still in her mid 20s. I’d been following her on Instagram for a while and bought the book hoping that it’d be as raw and honest as her Instagram posts. It was so refreshing to open a book that wasn’t all about “10 yoga poses to make you skinny” or detox recipes or “just love the world” bullshit. I was very pleasantly surprised to find myself reading something written with such honesty and such openness. It takes a lot of courage to open up about your lows in life. Yeah, life is amazing for her now. Rachel truly has created an empire, she’s gorgeous, she’s living a beautiful life. But to read about the hard times that got her to the good times was beautiful, and it felt like an honour and a privilege to be let into the heart and soul of someone I find so inspirational. It also gives me a lot of hope, at a time in my life where I’m really struggling with my own inner demons, that not only can things get better, but overcoming your struggles might mean that you can help more people than just yourself.It was also great to get some practical and instructional information on some yoga poses, which is what her empire is obviously built on. Added bonus – there are a lot of “try this easier version if you’re not up to the harder version” options, as well as a few more advanced options.

This book isn’t just for aspiring yogis, it’s a great book for all women. At it’s soul, it’s about a journey we’ve all got to take. It’s about growing through the bad times, making ways to help yourself rather than waiting for someone else to come and “save” you. It’s about finding and feeding your passions and creating a life that you’re excited about living. It’s one of those books that’ll be worth keeping on my side table, because I know I’m going to read it over and over again. I think you might, too. Grab a copy here, and enjoy  : )

2 thoughts on “Read this: Yoga Girl by Rachel Brathen

  1. Oh, I love your book recommendations ❤ Soon I'll have to create a new amazon wishlist called "Great books Jess wrote about on her blog I really Want to read" 🙂

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