Eat here: Cheshire, Melbourne (brunch/cafe)

583 Gilbert Rd, Preston


Wednesday morning! You know what that means? If you make it to lunch time, you’ve made it half way to another weekend! Congrats in advance! It’s about this time of the week that I’m starting to think about said upcoming weekend, which generally means I’m thinking about a nice relaxing weekend brunch. If you’re thinking about that, too, allow me to introduce you to, and recommend, Cheshire.

Located in a relatively quiet pocket of Preston, Cheshire is filling a desperately needed gap of good brunch spots in the suburbs. They’re a fairly small space (the outdoor seating out front/around the corner helps a little) with tightly packed tables and bench space inside, so expect a bit of a wait on weekends; we visited on a Saturday afternoon around 12pm and were politely warned to expect about a 20 minute wait for food, which was fine -as long as you’re told in advance, it’s not so bad.

Husband went with the avo on toast with goats fetta, tomato, fresh herbs, to which he added a poached egg and side of chevap sausages. His verdict: perfectly poached egg, the avo was delicious with the fetta and plenty of it, great chevaps, brilliant breaky.


I went with the baked eggs and chorizo, in a tomato sauce, with pecorino cheese and fennel crust, rocket, and toast. Possibly one of the best breakies I’ve had out in recent memory. Usually with these things, you get just a little bit of chorizo; they used what seemed to be an entire chorizo sausage in this dish. I couldn’t finish it all, so a happy husband got quite a few pieces, which had been fried up to golden. The tomato sauce it was baked in was phenomenal, I absolutely loved it… SO tasty, and the pecorino and fennel crust was magnificent! Was very grateful for the toast to mop it all up with! Nicely cooked egg with oozy yolk to top it all off for the win.


We had no where to rush off to so we decided to stay for a little longer and ordered a St Ali coffee for husband, a pot of tea for me, and some cutie pie cakes, both gluten free (read: thick and moist). The brownie was pretty good, I loved the pile of chocolate chips on top, but the mandarin cake was the real winner. Dense with an incredibly sweet mandarin taste, it was a perfect end to the meal. It’s hard to get a citrus cake with that much flavour that doesn’t have that bitter aftertaste – they nailed it here. Extra points for the frosting.


It was so great to find this little gem so close to home – massive thanks to a friend of husband’s who recommended it! All that food (two breakfasts, a coffee, a tea and two cakes) cost us around AUD$50.00, which was actually really great value for money – we were stuffed by the end of it and didn’t eat dinner until around 7.30pm! If you live it the area, put it on the “must visit” list. If you feel like escaping your local area this weekend and trying something new, consider Cheshire, too. Amazing food, friendly service, happy weekend! Only 3 days to go…


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11 thoughts on “Eat here: Cheshire, Melbourne (brunch/cafe)

  1. Hi Jess,
    This is one of my favourite brunch spots and happens to be on the corner of my street so I feel very lucky! Smashed avocado with Meredith goats fetta is my favourite on the menu as well :). I came across your blog recently and can relate to so many of your posts. I am also a food obsessed individual from an italian background and aspire to writing a cookbook and grow my blog! 🙂 I hope to do a lot more travel as well and am inspired by all of the places you have been able to visit! It would be great to catch up one day :). Take care.

    • Ohh Elise, thank you SO much, you’ve absolutely made my day 🙂 I was just reading through your blog too, and looks like we really do have a lot in common, even similar uni degrees (I did Sports Science) hehe crazy… You are super lucky to live so close to Cheshire – it makes such a big difference having a good café like this close to home! We should definitely hang out – my email address is on my Contact & Connect page, would love to hear more about your blog and cooking and travels 🙂

  2. Hi Jess! I’ve been reading your blog for a while and just thought it was about time I actually thank you for your posts! I’m an American who’s been in Melbourne a little over a year and a half, and I love exploring this wonderful city with my family (especially its amazing food scene)…when I stumbled across your blog one day I was thrilled! Your posts about Melbourne are great for discovering special new spots (we’ve been to a few of the places you’ve recommended and I can vouch for your excellent taste!) and your travel posts are amazing! We love to travel and your posts help me add to my ever expanding list of places to see. You also have a knack for posting about places in Melbourne that are particularly relevant to my situation at different times, don’t know how you do it! It’s happened before, when I’ve been thinking we should explore a new suburb, and you suddenly post a review of a great restaurant in that area. But today’s post was particularly apt, as we are preparing for a move from Carlton North to Preston, which is an area we haven’t explored too much, and now we have a great brunch spot to try out thanks to you! Anyway, sorry for the longwinded comment, just wanted to let you know I love your blog and to thank you for the work you put into it! Keep it up! 🙂

    • Ohh Victoria, you beautiful soul! Thank you so much! You said you don’t know how I seem to write inexplicably appropriate posts for your time and situation, I’m feeling the same right now, receiving a crazy amount of blog love at a time where I so need it – the universe has a way of giving us what we need when we need it, hey?!
      I’m so so thrilled to know that some of my favourite spots and discoveries have been helpful to others, especially someone new to Melbourne – welcome! And good luck with the move to Preston – it’s actually a really amazing and very underrated area, I spent a lot of time as a kid around there and am lucky enough to now be living pretty close by 🙂 As I wrote to Elise earlier, my contact details are on my Contact & Connect page; I love writing here because of the opportunity to meet so many amazing people and hear their stories, too, so please feel free to email me – I’d love to keep chatting, and we may even bump into each other after your move! 🙂 xo

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