Eat here: Billy van Creamy, Melbourne (ice cream truck)

Billy van Creamy
Food trucking around Melbourne

Once upon a time, before burgers and tacos and jaffles and creme brulee were being trucked around the cities, there was the good old-fashioned ice cream truck. Remember them? The ones with the tinkling music that got louder and louder as it got closer to your house, trailed by kids with money in hand and smiles on faces… Well, two brothers are reviving the fairy-tale ice cream truck that us kids of the 90s remember so fondly. After a light bulb moment in a bar and an ice cream making course with Gelato Messina and a lot of practice thereafter, they got their truck on the road and have been selling delicious, handmade and natural gelato ever since.

After yet another, recent visit to my favourite burger truck, 1090, I was pretty stoked to see that dessert was parked right next door! If you haven’t hit up Rucker’s Hill on High St, Northcote on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday night, you’re missing out – I know it’s a little fuzzy, but check out that view (above, left) of the city all lit up at night… amazing! Know what else is amazing? A big, warm, fudgy, nutty chocolate brownie with a massive scoop of peanut butter ice cream on top from Billy van Creamy. Not only was the scoop, as promised, smooth and creamy and tasting like heaven, the guys can whip up a bloody good brownie, too! You can check out the truck’s latest location on their Facebook page, and they are worth tracking down; this is the perfect way to end the day! So, as we make our way into another Monday and we’re already needing something to look forward to to help us get through the week, keep Billy can Creamy in mind when you need your sugar hit this week!


3 thoughts on “Eat here: Billy van Creamy, Melbourne (ice cream truck)

  1. ugh that looks delish. I’m getting hungry even by reading this. Hey, come check out my blog post about a cafe I recently visited! 🙂

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