Eat, drink & watch sports here: The Happy Endings Bar & Restaurant, LA

The Happy Ending Bar & Restaurant
7038 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, Los Angeles


Ahh Wednesday. That time of the week where I’m starting to struggle, being two days down and three to go, and wishing I was really somewhere else. But not Hollywood. Let me be very blatantly honest here and say that I just wasn’t a fan of Hollywood. It felt so fake, repetitive, boring. I quite liked other parts of LA, like Abbott Kinney Blvd down Venice Beach way, adored Greystone and would’ve loved to have seen Koreatown. But Hollywood? Meh.

Our saving grace was The Happy Ending Bar across the road from our hotel. When husband pointed it out, laughing, I was mortified, until we got closer and realised it was actually a sports bar (thank goodness). And a properly gorgeous, booths and wooden detailed, warm and welcoming sports bar at that! We spent a bit of time there, just kicking back and relaxing, and we decided to stay on one night while watching the Bulls play and get something to eat, too, which turned into an unexpectedly amazing dinner of a few small dishes, including the pulled pork and slaw sliders and buttermilk fried chicken skewers below.


Good service, great food, fantastic happy hour prices, dozens of TVs to watch all your favourite sports, cosy and welcoming vibes, it was no wonder we spent such a good chunk of our time in LA there, and I’d recommend you do, too.


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2 thoughts on “Eat, drink & watch sports here: The Happy Endings Bar & Restaurant, LA

  1. As rather veteran Angelinos living in Koreatown, we are ashamed to admit we haven’t tried this place yet. We must rectify this situation forthwith! Perhaps this weekend…
    IAC, thanks for the tip.

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