Eat here: Tropisueño, San Francisco, USA (Mexican)

75 Yerba Bueno Lane, San Francisco

I’m gonna stay with the Mexican theme for anther day, because writing and posting about Punta Sur yesterday got me craving Mexican food, and remembering how damn good it was in San Francisco, of all places!

This was quite the pleasant surprise! I’d heard the Mexican food in San Francisco was pretty good, but wasn’t expecting an actual restaurant to come through with the goods – I thought it’d be more the street food-style stalls in the Mission District.

Having had a craving for Mexican, we found Tropisueño, a fantastic little place tucked down a side strip in the city. We walked in to find the place packed to the rafters and were told it’d be about a 15 minute wait; I don’t think we actually waited more than 10. We were seated quickly, and it was immediately apparent we were in for a good night – this was some of the best customer service I’ve ever experienced in a restaurant. The lady who looked after us for the night was amazing; she was clearly flat out, but made time for a quick chat with everyone seated in her area, leaving each table smiling and laughing. That’s what turns a good dinner into a great one 🙂

Then there’s the food. After being seated, we were straight away presented with a complimentary bowl of freshly fried corn chips and dips (top left), which were much appreciated! We also ordered:

– beef tacos (bottom right) – tender, braised beef cheeks, taco truck style with onion and cilantro. salsa tomatillo and radish.

– pork tostaditas (bottom left) – roasted pork on crisp tostadas, guacamole salsa güero and pico de gallo, shredded lettuce.

– chicken salbutes (top right) – soft-crispy thick masa tortillas, shredded chicken tinga cabbage slaw, pickled onion, pico de gallo, avocado.


This was some of the best Mexican food I’ve had, including the stuff I ate in Mexico; fresh, insanely tasty, great flavour combinations, everything just right and just so. No need to dissect each dish bite by bite. This is the dining experience we’re all looking for; amazing food, impeccable service, decent prices, lovely restaurant, free lollypops on your way out! Make sure you make time to get here when you’re in San Francisco  : )

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