Extraordinary routines: What does your day look like?

When I posted my Lamington Tea recipe earlier this week, I mentioned that I’d taken inspiration from a recipe I saw on the newly discovered Extraordinary Routines site. If you haven’t visited yet, what it’s all about in their own words is:

Extraordinary Routines is an interview project dedicated to discovering the daily routines of artists, writers, designers, thinkers, entrepreneurs and the countless individuals who bring a unique spirit to the world around them.

From morning rituals, sleeping habits and exercise regimes, to creative spaces to creative slumps, we zoom in on the lives of the dreamers, the makers and the doers to find out exactly how they make their lives extraordinary.

Having spent a bit more time voyeuristically reading through interviews one night this week, I found myself intrigued by all of these routines and the creative minds that lived them each day. It got me thinking about that ABOUT paragraph above, from their website, about how these people structure their days to make their lives extraordinary.

We all have our habits and routines to get us through each day. We have to; without a routine of some description, most of us would probably never actually leave our homes in the morning! And whether we admit it or not (and I will, readily), it really is interesting to find out how other people do it. Whether they’re in a profession or living a life we covet and we want to know what they’re doing to keep themselves in that position, or it’s someone doing something we’d never consider doing ourselves but are interested in nonetheless, or just another “regular, every day” person like ourselves, it is truly fascinating to learn about someone else’s routine. Maybe we pick up little things that we’d like to incorporate into our days, maybe we find out that someone else is doing the same thing that we’d doing for different reasons, maybe we learn to look at something that we’re currently doing and consider mundane and boring in a new light. So, I decided to share my (week)daily routine, too (weekends are too hard!); I don’t flatter myself to think I’m an “extraordinary” person doing incredible things or that my routine is particularly magical, but at the same time, I don’t think that the routines of us more “ordinary” folk are necessarily any less fascinating than the entrepreneurs and high flyers of the world!



05:30 – 06:00
Wake up and work out – depending on the day, it’ll be running, strength training and/or yoga.

Get showered and dressed for work.
Have a scroll through Instagram with a cup of green tea and a bit of fruit to hold me over until I get to work to eat breakfast.

Off to the station to catch a train to work, AKA time to put in my headphones, read a book and tune out for half an hour.

Having been at work for around half an hour or so, checked my emails and worked out what needs to be done for the morning, I have breaky (overnight oats at the moment) at my desk while I get started.

Lunch break! I eat lunch while I’m working away at my desk so that I can actually take my break out of the office. Most of my colleagues have their lunch break in the office kitchen and don’t actually leave the building during the day for longer than it takes to have a quick smoke break or to grab take away to bring back and eat… I really don’t know how they manage to spend all day in the one building and the same atmosphere, I need that half an hour break to leave the work environment and get out into the “real” world to recharge myself so desperately!  If I don’t have any errands to run, my lunch breaks are spent in cafes with a pot of tea, reading or writing. It’s the time out I need to break up my day, even if it’s only half an hour; it’s my half hour to do something that makes me happy!

16:30 – 17:00
Finish work and back to the station to catch a train home, AKA another half an hour to tune out with my music and book.

Prepare overnight oats for tomorrow morning’s breaky.
Get clothes for work tomorrow ready (biggest time saver ever – if I had to actually consider what to wear each morning, I’d never leave the house!).
Start getting dinner ready.

18:30 – 19:00
Dinner time!

Depending on the day, we might take Marley to the park for a run, sometimes I’ll have a quick yoga and/or stretch session, flip open the laptop to write or read through my favourite blogs, kick back and watch TV, read whatever book I’m currently on, get a load of laundry done… You get the idea!

Make a cup of tea to enjoy on the couch watching a bit of TV with Marley and husband if he’s home. Currently on Foxtel’s IQ to watch include re-runs of old Castle, Criminal Minds and No Reservations episodes, MasterChef, Australia’s Next Top Model (I get hooked on that shit every season!), The Vampire Diaries, Revenge and Wayward Pines.
Check my diary/to do list for tomorrow.

I know it seems pretty early, but I always try to crawl into bed with something to read by then in the hope that doing something relaxing away from distractions will encourage my chronic insomnia will let me fall asleep before 11pm! I have horribly broken sleep as it is, and while I can function off 5 hours sleep for extended periods, I certainly don’t enjoy it!



So there you go – what most of my Mondays – Fridays look like! What does your day look like??


8 thoughts on “Extraordinary routines: What does your day look like?

  1. Now that I am semi retired my day is less structured than it used ot be. The funny thing is sometimes i feel like I get less done since I am working less!

    • It’s so funny you say that – we were having a conversation like that in the office on Friday that a lot of the girls find themselves less productive on a day off! Hehe

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