Eat here: Shiki, Melbourne (Japanese) V.2

75 Grimshaw St, Greensborough, Melbourne

So, I realised last night that I’m off to Japan in like 18 weeks…. !!!! That’s sneaking up awfully quickly! I’m really excited to go for a few reasons (the parks and temples, the sumo and shopping), but I think the amazing food there is going to be top of the list. We’ve got a lot of Asian eateries in Melbourne, but a lot of them are hipster/fancy/fusion type places – don’t get me wrong, I love that stuff too! But I also really like the simple, more traditional stuff.

I’ve written about Shiki before, last year actually. And I’m giving it a quick re-cap today after yet another recent visit because there aren’t that many genuinely good, simple, affordable Japanese places out in the suburbs in Melbourne, so people need to know about the few that do exist, just in case you’re craving this weekend!

Last time around, we shared a sushi boat and a few mains with the family; this time it was just husband and I, and we decided to get a few small dishes to share so we could have a bit of everything. Here’s what we went with:

1. Moriawase – mixed sushi, sashimi and nori roll platter – the fish is always fresh and melt-in-your-mouth soft.


2. Yakitori – chicken skewers grilled in teriyaki sauce – the best and richest teriyaki sauce I’ve ever had!


3. Okonomiyaki – seafood and vegetable pancake with bonito flakes, BBQ sauce and mayonnaise – I really like the okonomiyaki here, heaps of shrimp in there, and it is a really big serving!


4. Gyoza – pork and cabbage dumplings – always a favourite, consistently well done, perfectly golden every time.


5. Harumaki – vegetarian spring rolls – the pork ones are great, but the vegetarian version is actually really delicious, too. Also, that mayo for dipping… best!


Shiki isn’t for everyone – it is out in the suburbs so it’s not super convenient for everyone to get to, it’s not fancy/hipster/elaborately plated dining, and the service can be a little slow when they get super busy. But I’ve been eating here for around 6 years now, and every time the food is consistently fresh, delicious and just like the time before. That’s why when ever I have a craving for good Japanese, I don’t bother looking for a new place to try out – I just keep going back to Shiki!


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