Eat here: Burger Boys, Melbourne (burgers)

Burger Boys
525 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne CBD


I know what you’re thinking. “Another bloody burger review? Seriously?” Yes, seriously. Melbourne has become home to the fancy-ass burger apocalypse, and I’m ok with that, because I love burgers, and am always happy to try anything touted to be the next best thing. My Instagram feed has been peppered with burger shots from this place for months now, and I walk past a poster for the Burger Boys every morning when I get off the train. It was time to check it out for myself. But I’ll get to that in a moment. First though, I’m just going to quickly share some of my thoughts out loud. I’m writing this on the train as I make my way home from a General Assembly blogging networking type event, “The Business of Blogging.” Fabulous guests included the hysterically funny and very lovely Pranav from Zomato, dreamer turned do-er Lauren of Haynes & Bruce, the very insightful Bec of Dancing Through Sunday, and Melbourne food blog royalty Ashley of I’m So Hungree fame (I’m a huge fan of her work, and have been ever since I started following her during my first foray into blogging back in 2011), and hosted by the gorgeous lady who directs and edits Onya Magazine, Sandi Sieger.


It was awesome to sit down and listen to some real talk from people who are in the business of blogging, particularly because this forum was based on food blogging. Suffice to say there was a lot covered and discussed, but the two big things I took out of it were:

1. Blog because you love it, not for the numbers of likes or followers.

2. You have to love what you do!


The old cliche about finding success when you stop desperately looking for it seemed to be true – the resounding advice was so it for the love, not for the followers, the likes, the freebies, the payments. Just write about what you love, put quality content out there, build a relationship with your readers and success will come. I’ve been pretty honest about this from the start; this blog is primarily a creative outlet for me, a space to record and share my adventures, and the fact that I have hundreds of followers now still completely astounds me. It is truly the most humbling thing to know there are people out there interested in what I have to say.. Just wow 🙂 And on that other point, the number of people who came clean tonight about leaving the jobs they had to work to pay the bills (solar energy complaints department.. “do what you love!”) to pursue what they loved was incredible, inspiring, terrifying and insanely motivating all at once.

Which brings me to my next point: why take the risk and start yet another burger joint in a city that’s already got a ton (and not all of them good, mind you) of them? In their words:

We love the large number of great burger spots in Melbourne, but on our hunt for the perfect burger we couldn’t find exactly what we were looking for. So we decided to make our own. We buy our beef from Queen Vic Market and grind it ourselves to get the fat content of our patties just right. We season our beef with Kosher salt and cracked pepper just prior to cooking. Then add a layer of hi-melt cheese. We use real brioche buns which are baked in South Melbourne each morning.

That’s a mission statement I can respect, even more so after all that inspirational chit chat. Anyway, my favourite burger buddy and I visited last Friday after work. The Burger Boys are open Tuesdays to Fridays from midday until sold out, and they sell their burgers out of Deja Vu Bar. We each decided to go with the Classic (150g beef patty, American hi-melt cheese, streaky bacon, tomato, lettuce, red onion, American mustard, ketchup, Kewpie mayo and a nice juicy pickle on the side) for $10.00. Add a side of fries with paprika seasoning and Sriracha mayo for $4.00 (no, I’m not just saying that, actually order the side).

First up, kudos for the Instagram-ready presentation. They looked perfect, with the cheese all melty and the crispy bacon peeking out the side. Also on the pro side: perfectly melted cheese, the condiment trinity was fantastic (Kewpie mayo over regular mayo makes me SO happy!), and the patty was cooked perfectly medium rare -still nice and pink and crumbly in the middle, just the way I like it!  Fries were a great side – loved the paprika seasoning and mayo!

On the con side – tomato was too chunky and hard to eat, there was not a whole lot of bacon in there (note to self: add extra bacon for an extra $1 next time), the bun wasn’t toasted enough so it got soggy quickly, and the patty was well under-seasoned for my tastes.

Overall though, solid burger with all the basics on point, just needs a few tweaks to get itself up there with the likes of the 1090s, Rockwells and Beatboxes of the city. But well worth a visit, and an awesome way to end a long working week. Particularly given that these burgers are sold out of a bar. With lots of beer and cider and wine to choose from. Go on – when you finish work tonight, pull up a stool at Deja Vu, start writing out your dreams on a bar napkin, and smash down a burger while you’re doing it. Just treat yoself 😉


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