Wanderlust Wednesday: Thiên Cung Cave, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Ohhh Wednesday. Just got to make it to lunch time to officially make it half way through the working week! So close! It’s about this time of the week (last weekend long gone, this weekend so far away still) that my mind starts wondering I start thinking about travels past and pending…

I wrote a while ago about the trip my sister and I took out to Ha Long Bay while we were in Vietnam mid 2014, which was incredible. The crew at Intrepid really looked after us (I’d highly recommend travelling to Ha Long Bay with them!), and made it a day to remember. But one of the highlights of the trip that’s often overlooked because, well, Ha Long Bay is usually highlight enough, are the caves you can visit while you’re there.

While there are a few you can visit, the one selected for our group was Thiên Cung Cave; the struggle with the heat and extreme humidity in the cave disappears all of a sudden when you realist the enormity of the cavern you’re walking through. It’s a gargantuan area, beautifully lit and full of the most stunning system of stalactites and stalagmites taking beautiful forms often interpreted by locals as certain animals…







And after all of that, pop out of the cave to walk through the most perfectly green path back to where you started from…


One thought on “Wanderlust Wednesday: Thiên Cung Cave, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

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