Eat here: Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery, Yarra Glen, Victoria

Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery
35 Old Healesville Rd, Yarra Glen, Victoria


Ahhh it was one of those weeks last week. One of those weeks. One of those weeks that you just knew you’d need an escape from it you made it through to Friday afternoon. Which I knew by the end of the day Tuesday. That’s what kind of a week it was. So I packed my camera, some tunes and my Keep Cup full of tea, and husband and I hit the road. I’d told him that my escape a few weeks ago to Warburton was good for my soul, so he suggested we spend the day there together. Good decision!


We hit the road early Saturday morning and decided to stop in at the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie for a light breaky/stock up on chocolate for home. Because their chocolate is bloody amazing. If you’ve never heard of this place, you’re probably not alone – it’s literally out in the middle of nowhere, with nothing around it. See?


Welcome to my happy place…



Have you ever found yourself wondering where all of the chocolate is? It’s here. And it’s GOOD. This is deliciously, amazingly good quality chocolate, with heaps of variety and beautiful flavours aside from the standard white, milk and dark chocolate. Check out their online store to start your research into everything from salted caramel chocolate spread to honeycomb lavender milk chocolate to wild lemon myrtle dark chocolate to caramelised almond slice (my personal favourite), but we visited for the stuff you can’t have delivered; breakfast. Before I get to that, though, they also have delicious looking ice cream and magnificent cakes, which I’d love to try when I visit again!

IMG_0182But, breakfast. We weren’t famished when we got there, so we decided to just get the crumpets to share, knowing we’d probably want to get something savoury from the Warburton Bakery when we got into town. The crumpets were a very, very good choice. Two big, warm, fresh out of the oven crumpets came with honeycomb butter and warm milk chocolate…


And they tasted every bit as good as they looked! More of a cross between a crumpet and scone, they were super light and fluffy, and that chocolate went perfectly with that magical honeycomb butter melted all over them… I’d be hard pressed to order something other than these if I were to visit for breakfast again!


It may be in the middle of nowhere, but truly, it’s more than worth the visit. The chocolate they’re making there is really something special – super smooth and creamy, with some really innovative flavour combinations. They do breakfast, lunch, cake, coffee, tea (their own loose leaf brews, too) and ice cream, so there’s something for every body, and if you have kids, there’s heaps of room for them to run around the wide open grassy area surrounding the chocolate heaven as well (you know, to work off all that sugar). And if you decide to make a day of it, keep driving on to Warburton – it’s a beautiful place with good tea, good pizza, a beautiful forest to explore, and if you’re lucky, maybe even a double rainbow!



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