Through my eyes: Quintessential Paris – The Moulin Rouge & The Eiffel Tower

Happy Bastille Day!

To the French, it’s their version of the American 4th of July, the day they proudly commemorate their troops storming the Bastille (which was a prison) and starting the French Revolution off.

To a lot of us who aren’t French, it’s an excuse to eat good French dishes that head the specials boards on so many restaurants and indulge in a little more wine than usual. In the spirit of all things French, I thought I’d re-cap two of my most quintessentially French experiences from my trip to Paris in 2013 – the Moulin Rouge, and the Eiffel Tower.


The Moulin Rouge I expected to be fairly tacky and ridiculous; I actually had a really fun night there (may have been helped along by the complimentary champagne)! The show, Feerie, was fantastic, the service was on point, as you’d expect, and it wasn’t all naked ladies – the intermission acts, for the most part, were better than the cabaret itself! Very pleasantly surprised!




And then there’s this guy.

Built in 1889.
Standing at 324 metres (1063 feet) tall.
Weighing approximately 10, 000 tones.
2010 saw it receive it’s 250 millionth visitor.
It’s a cultural icon recognised around the world.
I didn’t think it’d be THAT impressive.

Boy, was I wrong.

Oh, and the view from the top?



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