Eat here: Brown Bear, Melbourne (brunch)

Brown Bear
301 High St, Preston


Thank you guys for sticking with me for New York week last week! I’m hoping that I was able to bring back some great memories for those of you who have been, remind those of you who live there about some of the wonderful places in your city, and provide some items for the to-do lists of those who haven’t been yet 🙂 But today, we’re heading back to Melbourne, my city, and starting the day with some breakfast out in the suburbs!

Since moving into the area almost two years ago, we’ve made a habit of doing our weekly grocery shopping at the Preston Market, so we’ve spent quite a bit of time exploring that little pocket of the suburb. I’d noticed Brown Bear a few times driving past, but we’d never stopped in; a couple of weekends ago, we’d done the shopping on the Saturday morning, realized it was 10am and we hadn’t had breaky yet, and were both famished. We head straight to Brown Bear. If you’re a local and have no idea where or what Brown Bear is, you’d be quite forgiven – it’s a tiny little hole in the wall opposite Abla’s, just away from the main market strip. It really doesn’t look like too much from the outside, but get past that and head in!


Brown Bear was opened only a year ago by Leo, an artist (among other professions) hailing from China with a special passion for good food and saving the animals. Leo’s artwork adorns the blackboard wall of the café, mostly bear-centric work, with a row of laminated photocopies stuck on the wall below the board. These are copies of the cheques Leo donates to Free The Bears; the donations come in the form of all the tips received by the café. That alone makes it worth a visit.

If you need more of a reason, though, their 5 Senses coffee is pretty popular, with a truckload of people popping in and out while we brunched for a take away cup. Husband was a fan of the coffee, too. I was a fan of the gorgeous teal cup and saucer set.


Anyway, breakfast. They do all day breakfast. There’s another reason to visit. Husband went with the Brown Bear Brekkie – 2 poached free range eggs, sourdough, 2 mini cheese kransky, bacon, mushroom, tomato and rocket ($16.00), which was very impressive… I got a bit of bacon and kransky in exchange for some of my smashed avo, and they were both sooo tasty! I really loved the cheesy kranskies – perfect little addition to make breaky a bit more substantial.



I went with the smashed avocado with pan fried sourdough, scrambled free range eggs & hot chilli sauce ($11.50). Big call, but some of the best scrambled eggs I’ve ever had at a café. Husband agreed, which is an even bigger call from him. Everything was tasty, perfectly seasoned (I usually have to use a stack of salt and/or pepper myself to get it right, but it was all pretty spot on!), and the eggs were magnificently cooked – not under and raw, but more importantly not overcooked and dry.


They also have some gorgeous looking cakes, including their little signature cheesecakes stamped with the Brown Bear logo, but which we sadly couldn’t fit it – they may not look like much, but they are incredibly generous servings! If you’re in the area, have a craving for some really good scrambled eggs and coffee, and want to help the bears, swing by this week or weekend 🙂


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