TBT: NOMA Sculpture Garden, New Orleans

NOMA Sculpture Garden
One Collins Diboll Circle, City Park, New Orleans

It’s been a long week. I’ve been craving burgers and donuts. But I can’t have any right now. So to take my mind of them tonight (well, it’ll be last night by the time you read this on Thursday morning), I flicked through my travel journal from the trip to America earlier this year, reading back over the pages from New Orleans, my favourite stop. That, in turn, got me looking back at some photos, and then I wanted to draw a little – New Orleans is an artist’s town, after all.

Full disclosure before I go on: I’m not an “artsy” person. I don’t really ‘get’ art. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very much a creative sort; I grew up constantly writing, drawing, painting, singing, sewing, photographing, all that jazz. I love nothing more than crawling into bed at the end of a long day and scribbling a little in my sketchbook to help me wind down. But “art,” I don’t get, so I apologise in advance if my photographs of some of these works don’t really do them justice, or if I don’t realise just how important some of them actually are; I didn’t visit the Sculpture Garden in the New Orleans City Park to admire the art, I visited because the park is just so beautiful, and after spending a few weeks in the snow, I was looking forward to being around gorgeous greenery and being able to actually sit in the park without literally and figuratively freezing my ass off!

Anyway, the gardens are absolutely gorgeous and deserving of a visit when you find yourself in New Orleans. As for the art, though I was skeptical on arrival, I actually found that the pieces were pretty cool for the most part! Here were some of the ones that caught my eye…


LOVE, Red Blue



Corridor Pin, Blue
(and in the background, Untitled)



Pablo Casal’s Obelisk



And, this guy. I couldn’t find any information on him on the NOMA website, but he was my favourite.



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